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her dinner served to her there. He said he would carve for her, not be ten minutes away.

"All this trouble has made me forget that I have something to tell you. No, no! Not now, not until you have rested."

"I can't wait, I can't wait. Tell me now, at once. But I know. I know by your face. It is about our little house. You have seen a house—our house!"

"Not until after dinner. I must not tell you anything until you have rested, had something to eat. You have been too agitated. Dear love, you have been through so much. Yes, I have seen the house that seems to have been built for us. Don't urge me to tell you now. This has been the first cloud that has come between us. It will never happen again. You will keep nothing from me."

"Haven't I promised? Sworn?"

"Sweetheart!" And as he held her she whispered:

"You will never be angry with me again?"

"I was not angry with you. How could I be?"

She smiled. She was quite happy again now, and content.

"It looked like anger."

"You focussed it wrongly," he answered.

After they had dined; she on her sofa from a tray he supervised and sent up to her, he in solitary