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treat. I really have some most exquisite things. I'll take them all down; change every hour or two, give you a private view…"

"You are lovely in everything you wear. You need never trouble to change. Think what a fatigue it will be. I want you to rest."

"How serious you are! I was not in earnest, not quite in earnest. But I can't wait to show you a teagown, all lacy and transparent, made of chiffon and mist…"

"Grey mist?"


"I love you in grey."

She laughed:

"You have had no opportunity of loving me in any other colour. Not indoors at least. But you will. I could not have a one-coloured trousseau. I've a wonderful beige walking-dress; one in blue serge, lined with chiffon…"

"Tell me of your wedding-dress. Only a week today…" Before she had told him her stepmother bustled in, her arms full of parcels that Margaret must unpack, investigate, try on immediately after dinner, or before. Dinner could wait. Margaret had already been tried on and tried on until her head swam. She yielded again and Gabriel and her father waited for dinner.

Nothing was as they had planned it. So, although they were too happy to complain, and too