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"Are you glad to see me?"

"I am not sure," was an answer she understood.


"I know you have been down here since Wednesday."

"You knew it! Then why didn't you come and see me? You are very inattentive."

"I knew you would send if you wanted me." Now he looked at her with surprised, almost grudging admiration. "Your change has agreed with you; you look thundering well."

"Thundering! What an absurdly incongruous word. Never mind, I always knew you were no stylist. Yes, I am quite well, although from morning till night I did almost everything you told me not to do. I was in a whirl of excitement, tiring and overtiring myself all the time."

"I suppose I was wrong then. It seems you need excitement." He spoke with less interest than he usually gave to her, almost perfunctorily, but she noticed no difference and went on:

"The fact is I have found the elixir of life.