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His voice was low and tender when he questioned Margaret, quite a different voice to the one in which he spoke again to the Christian Scientist.

"How dare you present yourself again? You ought to have been given in charge the first time. Are you aware that blackmailing is a criminal offence?"

"I am aware of everything I wish. If you care for publicity my motive can stand the light of day."

"You ought to be in gaol."

"It would not harm me. There is no sensation in matter."

"You would be able to test your faith."

"Are you sure of yours?"

Margaret caught hold of his sleeve:

"Don't bandy words with her, Gabriel. She says things without meaning. Let her go. I will send her away." She got up and spoke quickly. "Dr. Kennedy has gone up to town to see you. To … take you what you asked. When he does not find you in London he will come straight back here. They will have told him, I suppose, where you have gone? He has the money with him."

"What are you saying, Margaret?" Gabriel rose too, stood beside her.

"Wait a minute. Leave me alone, I have to make her understand."

Margaret was in an agony of anxiety that the woman should know her claims had been met, that