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"Have you seen her since I was here last?" he asked.

"Not until she came up to us this afternoon." She was glad to be able to answer that truthfully, breathed more freely.

"Nor heard from her?"

"Nor heard from her."

"How did you know Dr. Kennedy had gone up to town to see her?"

"He told me so this morning. I . . . I advised him to go."

"Was this morning the first time you saw him?"

"No, I saw him yesterday. Am I under cross-examination?" She tried to smile, speak lightly, but Gabriel sat up by her side without response. His face was set in harsh lines. She loved him greatly but feared him a little too, and put forth her powers, talking lightly and of light things. He came back to the subject and persisted:

"Why did she send back the post-dated cheque? Had she another given her?"

"I . . . I suppose so."


"I don't like the way you are talking to me." She pouted, and he relapsed into silence.

When they got back to Carbies she said she must go up and change her dress. She was very shaken by his attitude: she thought his self-control hid