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"I've promised and broken my promise, lied, deceived him. It was only to secure his happiness, mine…ours… But if he takes it differently, and must have publicity…"

"I don't believe you could go through it," he said gloomily. "One of those heart attacks of yours might come on."

"You know the pain is intolerable."

"That amyl helps you."

"Not much."


"Was a failure last time. Peter, think, won't you think? Couldn't you give me anything? Isn't there any drug? You are fond of drugs, learned in them. Isn't there any drug that would put me out of my misery?"

He listened and she pressed him.

"Think, think."

"Of course there are drugs."

"But the drug."

"There's hyoscine…"

"Tell me the effect of that?"

"It depends how it is given…what it is given for."

"For forgetfulness?"

"A quarter of a grain injection."

"And, and…"

"Nothing, nothingness."

"If you love me, Peter… You say you