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                                              private carr
       (Staggering as he is pulled away.) God fuck old Bennett! He’s a whitearsed
bugger. I don’t give a shit for him.

                                              first watch
       (Taking out his notebook.) What’s his name?

       (Peering over the crowd.) I just see a car there. If you give me a hand a
second, sergeant...

                                              first watch
       Name and address.

              (Corny Kelleher, weepers round his hat, a death wreath in his hand, appears
                     among the bystanders.)

       (Quickly.) O, the very man! (He whispers.) Simon Dedalus’ son. A bit
sprung. Get those policemen to move those loafers back.

                                            second watch
       Night, Mr Kelleher.

                                           corny kelleher
       (To the watch, with drawling eye.) That’s all right. I know him. Won a
bit on the races. Gold cup. Throwaway. (He laughs.) Twenty to one. Do you
follow me?

                                              first watch
       (Turns to the crowd.) Here, what are you all gaping at? Move on out of

              (The crowd disperses slowly, muttering, down the lane.)

                                           corny kelleher
       Leave it to me, sergeant. That’ll be all right. (He laughs, shaking his head.)
We were often as bad ourselves, ay or worse. What? Eh, what?

                                              first watch
       (Laughs.) I suppose so.