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into his eyes or standing up like a red Indian what do they go about
like that for only getting themselves and their poetry laughed at I always
liked poetry when I was a girl first I thought he was a poet like Byron
and not an ounce of it in his composition I thought he was quite different
I wonder is he too young hes about wait 88 I was married 88 Milly is 15
yesterday 89 what age was he then at Dillons 5 or 6 about 88 I suppose hes
20 or more Im not too old for him if hes 23 or 24 I hope hes not that stuck up
university student sort no otherwise he wouldnt go sitting down in the old
kitchen with him taking Eppss cocoa and taking of course he pretended to
understand it all probably he told him he was out of Trinity college hes
very young to be a professor I hope hes not a professor like Goodwin was he
was a patent professor of John Jameson they all write about some woman in
their poetry well I suppose he wont find many like me where softly sighs
of love the light guitar where poetry is in the air the blue sea and the moon
shining so beautifully coming back on the nightboat from Tarifa the lighthouse
at Europa point the guitar that fellow played was so expressive will I ever go
back there again all new faces two glancing eyes a lattice hid Ill sing that for
him theyre my eyes if hes anything of a poet two eyes as darkly bright as loves
own star arent those beautiful words as loves young star itll be a change the
Lord knows to have an intelligent person to talk to about yourself not always
listening to him and Billy Prescotts ad and Keyess ad and Tom the Devils ad
then if anything goes wrong in their business we have to suffer Im sure hes
very distinguished Id like to meet a man like that God not those other ruck
besides hes young those fine young men I could see down in Margate strand
bathing place from the side of the rock standing up in the sun naked like a
God or something and then plunging into the sea with them why arent all men
like that thered be some consolation for a woman like that lovely little statue
he bought I could look at him all day long curly head and his shoulders his
finger up for you to listen theres real beauty and poetry for you I often felt
I wanted to kiss him all over also his lovely young cock there so simple
I wouldnt mind taking him in my mouth if nobody was looking as if it was
asking you to suck it so clean and white he looked with his boyish face I would
too in 1/2 a minute even if some of it went down what its only like gruel or the
dew theres no danger besides hed be so clean compared with those pigs of men
I suppose never dream of washing it from 1 years end to the other the most of
them only thats what gives the women the moustaches Im sure itll be grand if
I can only get in with a handsome young poet at my age Ill throw them the