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        Wife well, I suppose? M’Coy’s changed voice said.
        O yes, Mr Bloom said. Tiptop, thanks.
       He unrolled the newspaper baton idly and read idly :

                                      What is home without
                                      Plumtree’s Potted Meat?
                                      With it an abode of bliss.

        My missus has just got an engagement. At least it’s not settled yet.
       Valise tack again. By the way no harm. I’m off that, thanks.
       Mr Bloom turned his largelidded eyes with unhasty friendliness :
        My wife too, he said. She’s going to sing at a swagger affair in the
Ulster hall, Belfast, on the twentyfifth.
        That so? M’Coy said. Glad to hear that, old man. Who’s getting it up?
       Mrs Marion Bloom. Not up yet. Queen was in her bedroom eating bread
and. No book. Blackened court cards laid along her thigh by sevens. Dark lady
and fair man. Cat furry black ball. Torn strip of envelope.

                                        Comes lo-ve’s old...

        It’s a kind of a tour, don’t you see? Mr Bloom said thoughtfully.
Sweeeet song. There’s a committee formed. Part shares and part profits.
       M’Coy nodded, picking at his moustache stubble.
        O well, he said. That’s good news.
       He moved to go.
        Well, glad to see you looking fit, he said. Meet you knocking around.
        Yes, Mr Bloom said.
        Tell you what, M’Coy said. You might put down my name at the
funeral, will you? I’d like to go but I mightn’t be able, you see. There’s a
drowning case at Sandycove may turn up and then the coroner and myself
would have to go down if the body is found. You just shove in my name if
I’m not there, will you?