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FM 3-13 cms E suppmmg . Elemomc warfare · Physlcsldestructlcn ! . cmnpuem network cpsruuons . lnfurmaiion assurance % . Computer network attack • Physical security . Computer network defense · Ooumermtsllbgznca l . c¤mp¤zs» newmxexpnonsmn . coumsmeospem { . Psychological operations · Countarpropaganda g • Operations sammy { . Military deception l Figure 1-1. informalicn Opelaticn Elemsnts 1-58. IO related activities include but are not liuxitud to public zulhirs (PA} and CMO. Although FM 343 discusses only these two, any activity that contrib utes tu gaiuinlz and maintaining information superimity (ihr example, an np· eration in suppnrt of diplomatic efforts conducted by special operations forces) may bc considered an IO related activity. ARMYJOINT INFORMATION OPERATIONS RELATIONSHIPS L59, IO, by their nature, are joint operations. Each Service mmmpmxcnt com tributes to an integrated whole syxmhmnizud by the joint force headquarters. All Army IO flow from the theater campaign plan. Army IO support joint fume missions and receive support from joint fume assets. Based on the unit mission, IO are integrated thmugliout the joint {uiuc to prevent information fmtziuide by different Services or different echelcrns (sez- JP 343; FM 3—O). In multinational operations, the US joint force commander (JFC) is responsible ibr coordinating the integration uf US and multinational IO. 1-(30, The IO cd} at joint fmcsz headquarters dazcrmffxcts and synchmnizcs jnint force IO, AH Scrvico components are represented. The joint tbicc IO ccl.1 synchmnizns all the Scrvir:c—spcciEc IO elements/related activities tn achieve unity of uflhrt supporting the joint force, Army forces submit requests for IO support imm joint fume or higher nchclnns thmugth the senior Army bead· qumwem m the jnim {hum IO ccllt OFFENSIVE INFORMATION OPERATIONS 1451. The Army dciincs of/ensivc information upcmtiumc as the intcgraxtcd use of assigned und supporting capabilities and activities, mutually sup- ported by intelligezwe, w affect enemy decisionmskexs or to influence others to achieve uv promote specific objectives (FM 3-0). The Army definition de- letes :1 sentence in the joint dcfmition that lists 10 elements associated with <»i¥unsivc I0. Army doctrine allows mmmsmdcrs to use all lO elements nfiem sivcly. 1-14