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FM 3-18 and control systems, and installations. It includes direct and indirect fires from ground, sea, and air forces. Also included are direct an- Lions by Siwcial opnratiuns forces. The G-7 syunhmuizes execution of I0» related physical destruction with other IO elements and the Era support cn- nrdimmr. Physical destruction is tied to critical events and decision points in the adversary decisionmaking processes or their underlying inirzstructures, Artillery is a mainr, but not the only, contributor to this IO element. The tar— gating team assigns IO targets tu the air and ground systems best able to at» tuck them (see appendix E). Contributions 247. When used as an I0 element. physical destruction is normally offensive IO. Often destroying a target contributes to achieving both IO and conven- tional objectives. However, commanders use physical destruction as an XO element cu dismpt, deny, degrade, or destroy the information, INFOSYS, the decisionmaking pmceas, nr the decisionmaker. 248, Traditional, attrition—basud capabilities tixr physical destmctivn that can suplmrt IO includnm • Field .=1x1i.llery. • Close air support. . Army aviation. . Special operations forces. • Air defense artillery. • EA (electromagnetic pulse, dixwtcd energy). • Selected joint/national resources. • Naval or strategic air assets. Staff Coordination 249, The G»7 coordinates EW, PSYOP, OPSEC. and MD with physical dustructiun to achiuvu IO olécctivas (see JP 309; FM 6-20). The G-7 develops IO-rulatad targets and enters them into the command targeting pmwss (sw appendix EL INFORMATION ASSURANCE 2·50. In£>rmu1km ewsurarwe comprises iniimmation operations that protect and defend information and iu.G>rmati0n systems by unsuring their avuilnbib ity, integrity, nuthcnticutiun, cuniiduntiality, and nunrepudiaticm, This includes providing tlxr restoration of intbrmatiou systems by imxirpnrutlng pmtectlewn, detection, and reaction capabilities (JP 3—13). • Availability means timely, reliable access to data and services by authorized users, Available XNFOSYS operate when needed. • Integrity means pmmcticn Emu: xuuiuthorizcd change, including destruc tion. INFOSYS with integrity operate correctly, consistently, and a0cu— ratcly. · Autheniicalinn means certainty of user nr ruc¤ivcriduutii'1catioh and authorizatitm to rcccivc specific catcgnries nf inhvrmatixwn. • Can/identmlity means pmtection tram unauthorized disclosure. 2-12