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Infomation Opnnitinns Elnmants and Rnumd Activitin • Executing appropriate security practices; for example, conducting immediate internal security reviews of all critical systems • Aeemnplishing all sctions required at INFOCON Alpha. 264. Charlie (limited attack). INFOCON Charlie is imposed wlien— • Intelligence attack assessment indicates zi limited attack is underway. • An INFOSYS attack with limited impact on DOD nperaticns is dc» tected; {br example, little nr no dam nr systems are compromised. 2»65. INFOCON Charlie actions include} • Execute the maximum level ef auditing, review. and critical tile bsick~ up procedures. • Consider imposing MINIMIZE on appmprintc computer nctwurks and telecommunications systems. (MINIMIZE limits zmilic to missi0n—es· sentiul mmmunica Lions only.) . Recunligure INFOSYS to minimize access points and increase security. • Remute mission-critical communications thmugli unzlfccted systems, • Execute defensive tactics; for example, ensure increased reporting 1·c» quircments are met. • Aceumplish all actions requimd under INFOCON Bravo. 2-664 Delta (general attack). INFOCON Delta is imposed when- . A successful INFOSYS attack that impacts DOD options is detected. • Widespread incidents that undermine me ability of rsrgetsd INFOSYS re function eilectively occur. • The effects of attacks or incidents pmduce s1 significant risk of mission feiilnrc. 2-67. INFOCON Delta actions include— • Execute the applicable portions of continuity of operations plans. For example designate alternative INF OSYS and disseminate new cnmmw nimztiou internal and cxremal procedures. Isolate compromised sys- wms from the rest of network. • Accumpllsli sll uctiuns required under INFOCON Charlie. 2438. United States Strategic Command (S'l`RA’l`COM) establishes the INFO- CON. When the INFOCON changes, STRATCOM nmlties the ACERT (scc ap» pundix F). The ACEWP passes the new INFOCON to corps and division Gvtis. PHYSICAL SECURITY 2~69. Physical security is that pan. of security concerned with physical mess- ures designed to ssfcgumd pezsonuel; tu prevent unauthorized access to equipment, installations, nmterizl, and documents; and tu safeguard them against espionage, sabotage, dmnnge, and theft (JP il-13). Effective physical security ensures the availability nt'1NFOSYS used tu conduct operations. It is based un- • Identifying missiomcssentisl INFOSYS, • Determining applicable risks and threat levels. • Establishing relative security standards and using available resources to achieve that level of physical security. 2-15