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FM 3-13

TRADOC service schools and branch proponents should use FM 3-13 as a point of departure for integrating IO into branch doctrino and military in-struction


Terms that have joint or Army definitions are identified in both the glossary and the text. The glossary lists most terms used in FM 3-13 that have joint or Army definitions. Terms for which FM 3-13 is the proponent manual (the au-thorityare indicated with an asterisk in the glossary. Definitions for which FM 3-13 is the proponent manual are printed in boldface in the text. These terms and their definitions will be incorporated into the next revision of FM 1-02. For other definitions in the text, the term is italicized and the number of the proponent manual follows the definition.

The glossary contains referents of acronyms and definitions of terms not de-fined in JP l—02 and FM 1-02. It does not list acronyms and abbreviations that are included for clarity only and appear one time, nor those that appear only in a figure and are listed in the legend for that figure. Some common ab- breviations and acronyms—for example, the abbreviations for military ranks and publications—are not spelled out; refer to the glossary. Since ARFOR is a dttined term as well as an acronym, it is not spelled out.

"President" refers to the President and the Secretary of Defense, or their duly deputized alternates and successors.

All references to annexes refer to annexes to operation plans (OPLANs) or operation orders (OPORDs) unless stated otherwise.

Unless stated otherwise, masculine nouns or pronouns do not refer exclu-sively to men.

Headquarters, US Army Training and Doctrine Command, is the proponent for this publication. The preparing agency is the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate, US Army Combined Arms Center. Send written comments and recommendations on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications and Blank Forms) directly to: (Commander, US Army Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth. ATTN: ATZL-CD (FM 3-13), 1 Reynolds Road (Build- ing 111), Fort Leavonworth, KS 66027-1352. Sand comments and recommen-dations by email to Follow tho DA Form 2028 format or submit an electronic DA Form 2028.