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296 THIRTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 60. 1854. mM3mm6N1g_ MISCELLANEOUS. Senate ex- For the contingent expenses of the Senate, viz. : P°'“°’· For lithographing and engraving, twenty thousand dollars ; For binding, thirty thousand dollars; For books, twelve thousand six hundred and ninety-one dollars; For clerks to committees and President pro tempore, draughtsman, gfnessigngelrsapalgpp, laborers, police, horses, and carryalls, four thousand our un re dollars; R. M. Young. For miscellaneous items: To replace this amount, drawn by order of the Senate from that head of appropriation, in a payment to R. M. Young, as commissioner to investigate charges against Hlpn. A. Ramsey, late superintendent of Indian affairs, Minnesota, nine undred and twenty- four dollars and twenty cents; Maps of public To enable the Secretary of the Senate to pay for the maps of the pub- 1’·“d“· lie lands authorized by the resolution of the Senate of the third March, Eighteen hundrzcéd and gftyéthree, tpl be printed under the direction of the ommittee on ub ic an s five thousand one hundred and dfty dollars; House of Re- For the expenses of the Llouse of Representatives, viz : P"”°““""*'°*’· For horses and carriages, eight hundred and forty dollars; Newspapers. For newspapers for members, two thousand dollars ; For pages, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-six dollars; Bigding docu- For binding documents, seventy-seven thousand five hundred and ninemm · ty-six dollars and forty cents ; For miscellaneous items, twenty thousand dollars; Congressional For binding the Congressional Globe and Appendix of the Second Gggxwd ·°•P‘ Session of the Thirty-second Congress-- five thousand and eighty-eight Pvolgmeii pl; sixtydcent; per volume -- three thousand four hundred and twe ve o rs an eig ty cents · Librm·yofC¤n- For continuing the preparatibn and publication of a stereotyped catag'°”‘ logue of the Library of Convress five thousand dollars ; For the messenger to the°Speia.ker, three hundred and twelve dollars; Annals ofocn- For pay for Annals of Congress, ordered by the House for the House S'°”• library, being one hundred copies of each of the following volumes: first, second, and third volumes Tenth Congress, and first, second, and third volumes Eleventh Congress, in all six hundred volumes, at five dollars per volume, three thousand dollars; derrioting in- For printing index to private claims, ordered to be printed by resoluchgmz P“"“°° tion pif the Igousipi Regprgsentgtiiyies of the twenty;-secong gfllkcember, one thousand ew un re an ty-one twenty thousand dollars · d gfor binding bindex to private claims: five thousand seven htindred o ars · Rent or paper For iw-mt of paper wareroom from the first of January to thirtieth of ‘”‘°'°°‘“· gppincxggtelepahpprdgpgdagnldl dfty-cup, atdtpio hundred and fifty dollars wen y- ve dollars- _ Germs P¤i¤Y# For carthee of printing-paper from wareroom ’and office of the Supermg`p°'p°r' intendent of Public Printing, to the printing offices, and labor, from the ii.rst[0i]Janua.ry to the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, gt fix'? punched and fifty dollars per annum, two hundred and seventy- ve dollars; Bound line For arrearages incurred prior to the nrst of July one thousand eight g€;;2°Q¤8,?;r‘&?3 hundred and filly-three, for runningand marking the boundary line be- Méxxco. gm tl1%fUni;ed Stites land Mexico, under the treaty of Guadalupe Votix. . 922. go tythousand dollars- . gi:} up- And {hat the period limited for the appointment of Commissioner, Q3,] mm§‘,bg”°°0‘; Surveyor, and Chief Astronomer, by the act of May fifteen, eighteen commission ex. hundred and fifty, shall be, and the same is hereby, extended to the thir-

  • 9*;*;%; ch. 10. I tieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-Eve;