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THIRTY·THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 60. 1854. 297 For engraving maps, views, sections, and natural history, of the sur- Engravings. vcy of the boundary between the United States and Mexico, ten thousand dollars; to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior ; For wood-cuts purchased by the Commissioner of Patents, for illus- Wood-cuts for trating the mechanical part of the Patent Office Report for eighteen hun- P“”°“*’ 0m°° ’°‘ dred and fit'ty-three-four, ordered by the House of Representatives, one pom thousand five hundred dollars ; For salaries and incidental expenses of the commission appointed Espenscs of under the act of March third, eighteen hundred and fifty-one, for settling land claims in California, forty-two thousand dollars: Provided, That m ab there be allowed to the legal representatives of Robert Greenhow such 185l sum, in addition to that received by him, as together will make his salary gi for the time he was employed as assistant law agent equal to that au- how. thorizcd to be paid to the land commissioners by the act of third March, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, " making appropriations for the civil 1853, ch- 97- and diplomatic expenses of government for the year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-four ; " That the First Comptroller of the Treasury be, and he is hereby di- _EXP¤¤¤¤ Of rcctcd, to examine the claims presented by certain counties of the late séwft Territory of Iowa, for expenses of the United States District Court, which paid by certain were paid by said counties prior to the admission of said Territory into the %°“'l*l°S °f 2.]** Union as a State; and if, upon such examination, he is satisfied that Ioizgiory 0 prior to said time the said counties have paid money which, in accordance with the instructions of the First Comptroller of the Treasury, dated nineteenth of December, eighteen hundred and forty-three, as construed in the report of said First Comptroller to the Secretary of the Interior, under date of thirteenth of October, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, in reference to said subject, should have been paid by the Marshal of the United States for said Territory, he is directed to audit and settle the same; For compensation of the Judge of first instance in civil cases for the Judas ill ci:/i1 District of San Francisco, California, per appointment, dated twenty-first of September, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, by the late General B. co. Riley, while Governor of that country, from first October, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, to the first April, eighteen hundred and fifty, seven hundred and fifty dollars ; For the paymenirof a draughtsman and clerks, employed under the Maps or resolution of May four, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, upon the maps Public l=’·¤d*‘·· of the public lands, five thousand six hundred and seventy-five dollars; Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all books, papers, documents, Books, &c., iu and records, in the Department of the Interior, may be copied and certi- £,iE;,*;{°’§)“,;0 °f fied, under the seal of that department, (which is hereby recognized as ccipied and cerlegal,) in the same manner as those in the other Executive Departments 310;*; igmstgir may now by law be, and with the same force and effect; and in all cases d,,,,,,,,,mc,,,s_‘ where a seal is necessary by law to any commission, process, or other instrument provided for by the laws of Congress, it shall be lawful to affix SME ·,g°Wd the proper seal by making an impression therewith directly on the paper may ° a X° ' to which such seal is necessary, which shall be as valid as if made on wax or other adhesive substance; Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That hereafter the commissions of { gmlnlsgigns all officers, under the direction and control of the Secretary of the Inte- g,.&,_,§,€;i·3,,, Ig: rior, shall be made out and recorded in the Department of the Interior, terior-where and the seal of the said department aflixed thereto, any laws to the con- ;‘;“rg;,?“d N` trary notwithstanding: Provided, That the said seal shall not be allixed pmvgso, to any such commission before the same shall have been signed by the President of the United States ; Sec. 4. And be it part/ter enacted, That the compensation of the Post-Omcq special Mail Agent of the Post~Ofhcc Department in California shall be '" vox,. x. Pm:. -38