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29.8 THIRTY~THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 61. 1854. five thousand dollars per annum; such rate to take eiicct in virtue of this 1853, ¤h· 97· provision from July first, eighteen hundred and fifty-three; Additional Sm. 5. And be it fgmlzer emcted, That from and after the passage ggggzgggsg; of this act, there shall be, in addition to the clerks authorized by the of TMS, md third eectionof the act of March third, eightcen hundred and rift 4}; ry E y ree, gompuissivver of entitled, “An not making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic ex. °“"°”“‘ penses of government for the year ending the thirticth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-four," in the office of the Register of the '1‘r-easu;-y, three clerks of class three, to mclude the clerk now authorized to take charge of the redemption of stocks, and in the office of the Commissionero ensions, in lieu of the temporary clerks now employed therein tive clerks of class two, and fifteen clerks of class three; and said clerks How paid. shall be paid, according to the provisions of said section, until the thir. taeth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, out of any money in the reasury not otherwise appropriated;

 Partofsectiou Sec. 6. Andbc it fwrther enacted, That the portion of the seventh

1%;*6 {hzé: 185% section of the act of twenty-sixth August, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, entitled "An act to provide for executing the public printing and estabhshing the prices thereof; and for other purp0ses," which provides “ that when any documents shall be ordered to be printed by both houses of Bywhiqhprixqw Congress, the entire printing of such documents shall be done by the fg g;°d¥g‘;:““€“ printe; of that house which Erst ordered the same," is hereby repealed; ' an w en there are different printers for the respective houses each shall 2;: the printing which may hereafter be ordered by the honise electing m. Armovmv, May 31, 1854. J““° mv 1854- CHAP. LXI. —-An Act regulating the Pay of Deputy-Postmasters. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Commimom States of America in Congress assembled, That in place of the compennllowod to De· sntion now allowed deput - ostmasters, the Postmaster-General be and P . . y P . ’ feghhsiutgt? he is hereby authorized to allow them commissions at the following rates p,·(,s,,,,t conlpgn, on the postage collected at their respective offices in each quarter of the §#£g¤·h 1 6 year, and in due proportion for any period less than 0. quarter, viz: Sm3,°pér ogy2L' On any sum not exceeding one hundred dollars sixty per cent; but any postmaster at whose office the mail is to arrive rerrulnrly between Seventy P° the hours of nine o’c1ock at night and five o'clock in the xlhorniné, may be Mw allowed seventy per cent. on the first hundred dollars ; !¢¤’¤y percent- O1 ai? gum over and above one hundred dollars, and not exceeding our un re dollars fifty per cent.- Fortypercent. On any sum over and above fohr hundred dollars, but not exceeding ' twenty-four hundred dollars, forty per cent.; Jfgfwcn ner And on all sums over twenty-four hundred dollars, fifteen per cent.; Tgmve md Qu the amount of postage on letters and packages received at a. distri- - ggegnmpcr baiting ofgce for distribution, twelve and one-half per cent. commission ·. _ may ea owed; mgllgxgglf 701* Elvery postmaster whose compensation shall not exceed five hundred ' 0 srs in one quarter shall be allowed one cent on every free letter

   delivered out of his office, except such. as are for the postmaster himselil

Flxcepmon. gu: the spcécial allowanceéiow made by law, to the postmasters at New r cams un as ington ity, shall not otherwise be either increased or diminished ;

£`§;g?£»¤_f<>f   Each postmaster who shall be required to keep a. register of the arm K"‘ nvalsnd departuire of the mails, shell be allowed ten cents for each

mont y return w ich he makes to the Postmaster-General ·

g *:‘¢;¤r£1:&'or Each postmaster may be allowed two mills for the deliirery from his

~ chn`P° {’m W. h officc to a, subscriber of each newspaper not charveable with ostamcr

:§;  W ¤ P an

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