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14 THIRTY-SECOND CONGRESS. S1~:ss.I. CII. 58, 59. 1852. 1848, ch. 8. forty-eight, and twenty-ninth of July, eighteen hundred and forty-eight, 1848, ch. 120, four hundred and sixty-four thousand dollars. I For half-pay pensions to widows and orphans, provided for by the eleventh section of an act approved January the twenty-mnth, eighteen 1818,ch.16. hundred and thirteen, and the first section of an act approved the six- 1816 0h_ ;5_ teenth of April, eighteen hundred and sixteen, payable through the office , of the third auditor of the treasury, in addition to an unexpended balance, five thousand dollars. Approved, July 12, 1852. n . —An Act to a De cienc to the Stateo Indiana in a Townshi

 Cgllhzzdgéntd to said St r the ufe ¢y" rl/6'tate l7niverslly, by an Act of Congresls

1816, ch. 57. approved nineteenth q/' April, ezghteen hundred and sixteen. Ba it enacted by the Senate cmd House of Representatives of the Grapt of land United States of America in Congress assembled, That there be sup- %’{“d‘“Q’·f°" ““ plied to the State of Indiana, for the sole and exclusive use of the n vm) y` State University, an equal number of acres of land found to be deficient in the original grant, and which has been otherwise appropriated by Congress, amounting to four thousand one hundred and sixty-six acres, and that said lands be selected, under the direction of the governor of the State, from any lands now in market in said State belonging to the United States, the proceeds of which shall be appropriated solely to the use of said State University, and shall never be diverted to any other purpose whatever. Ai-mzovno, July 12, 1852. . .—AnAc£ to release r m es ation, and restore tcrthe Blass 0 Public

 CHAP LI-X Lands, ccrtai{£a»•¢£i:?;w State of Arkansas. f

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Uudlsposec United States of America in Congress assembled, That the several tracts }°~“i;k’°¤°*"’°,$1 of land in the State of Arkansas, heretofore reserved for the satisfaction bgunticznggfwgi of military bounties under the war of eighteen hundred twelve, and of 1812 to be which now remain undisposed of, be, and they are hereby released from “°m* such reservation, and restored to the mass of public lands, to be disposed of in the same manner as any other uuoifered public land: Provided, Proviso for ac- That the person who may, at the date of this act, be an actual settler on WM ¤¤*¤<>¤‘¤· any one of said tracts, and who, but for the reservation thereof, might have claimed the right of preemption thereto, under act of fourth Sep- 1841,ch.10. tember, eighteen hundred forty-one, be, and is hereby authorized to enter the same, or any subdivision thereof, upon making proof of said right, and paying the minimum price per acre, within a year after the passage of this act, or prior to the day fixed for the public sale of the tract. - fgales and 1g- Sue. 2. And be it ftmfzar enacted, That all sales of sid land, or f"*‘°“” .°f °*’·“* location thereof by military warrants, (other than those of the war of ands 1undver— . . . . tentlymdo 00,,, eighteen hundred and twelve,) which have been inadvertently permitted fiulwd- to be made, and which are in all other respects fair and regular, except as embracing reserved land not offered at public sale, be, and the same are hereby eonhrmed, and patents thereon which have been issued shall be as legal and valid as if said lands had been released from reservation, and offered at public sale prior to such sales or locations. Unsntisded Sue. 3. And be it further enacted, That all of said warrants "'“"’*“” my which have not been satisfied, may be located on any of the public lands be located e se- - . . wh,,,., subject to private entry at the time of the location of the same. Approved, July 12, 1852.