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THIRTY—THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 230. 1854. 515 From Elgin, by Geneva, Wis., to Elk Horn. From Fairfield, by Marlan’s Grove, and Enterprise, to Maysville. From Farmington, by Uniontown, Hermon, Abingdon, Berwick, Ellison, and Alena, to I·Iapper’s Mills. From Farmington, by Middle Grove, Midway, Troy Mills, St. Augustine, Greenbush, Roseville, New Lancaster, Ellisonville, Alena, and Happerfs Mills, to Burlington, Iowa. From Fredericksville, by Browning, and Shelden Grove, to Astoria. From Freeport, by Kirk’s Grove, Yellow Creek, Hazzlewood, Kent, Ward’s Grove, and Plum River, to Derinda. From Freeport, by Rock River, Howard, and Harrison, to Rockton. From Freeport, by Cedarville, Buena Vista, McConnellsville, and Oneoa, to Monroe, Wisconsin, and back, by Cadez,Winslaw, Illinois, and Wadham’s Grove, to Freeport. From Freeport, by Eleroy, Lena, and Nora, to White Oak Springs, Wis. From Freeport, by Mill Grove, Yellow Creek, Hardwood, Kent’s, Ward’s Grove, Plum River, or Dorinda, to Galena. From Freeport, by Jackson, Cherry Grove, and Mount Carroll, to Savannah. From Fulton, by Henla, Union Grove, and Empire, to Sterling. From Fort Wayne, Indiana, by Rochester, Rensselaer, Lacon, Illinois, Toulon, New Boston, Toolsboro, Iowa, Wapelle, Washington, Oskaloosa, Indianola, and Winterset, to Council Blufll From Galena, by Avery, Elizabeth, Dernida, and Hanover, to Galena. From Galina, by Hanover, Portsmouth, Savannah, Argo, Bluifville, Fulton, Albany, Cordova, Port Byron, and Hampton, to Moline. From Galena, by South Hollow, to Dunleith. From Galesburgh, by Haw Creek, Maquan, Uniontown, and Middle Grove, to Farmington. From Galesburg, by Granate, Ionia, Utah, Millersburg, Ferdinand, and Drury, to Muscatine. From Galesburg, by Centre Point, Henderson, Ontario, Heath Land, Andover, and Morristown, to Green River. From Galesburg to Oquawka. From Galesburg, by Victoria, Lafayette, Toulon, Elmira., Oseiola, to Tiskilwa. From Galesburg to Burlington, Iowa. From Golconda, by Big Bay City, to New Liberty. From Golconda, by J. R. I’ott’s, to Brooklyn. From Golconda, by Bolton, and Sarahsville, to Marion. From Golconda, by Rock and Broad Oak, to Vienna. From Grayville, by Albion, Parker’s, Fairview, Olney, Newton, and Grccnup, to Charleston. From Greenup, by Springville, to Republican. From Greenup, by Paradise, to Coehran’s Grove. From Greenup,by Cedran and Campbell, to Charleston. From Havana, by Quiver, Pilot, Hill, Long Point, and Allen’s Grove, to Delavan. From Hennepin, by Floria, Caledonia, Ox Bow, and Magnolia, to Wenona Station. From Hickory Hill, by Keeneville and Bell Prairie, to Mount Leambare. From Henry, by Lone Tree and Urispe, to Fiskilma. From Hick’s Mills, De Kalb County, to Cherry Valley, Winnebago Froin Hillsboro, by Woodsboro, Mount Kingston, Stanton, Bunker Hill, and Woodburne, to Shipman. From Hutsonville, by Annapolis, to Bell Air.