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564 THIRTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 242. 1854. Austria., Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Naples, Sardinia, the Papal States, New Grenada, Venezuela, Buenos Ayres, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Switzerland, sixty-seven thousand five hundred dollars ; For salary of a Clerk to the United States Legation at London, eight hundred dollars ; For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, forty thousand dollars; For contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, forty thousand dollars ; For expenses of intercourse with the Barbary Powers, nine thousand dollars ; For salary of the Consul at London, two thousand dollars; For salary of the Commissioner to the Sandwich Islands, five thousand dollars; For interpreters, guards, and other expenses of the Consulates at Constantinople, Smyruia,Candia, and Alexandria, two thousand dollars; For office rent of the Consul at Basle, in Switzerland, one hundred dollars; For salary of a Commissioner to reside in China, nine thousand dol- Iars; For salary of the Interpreter and Secretary to said mission, two thousand Eve hundred dollars; For salary of a Consul-General at Alexandria, five thousand dollars; For compensation to the Consuls at the five ports in China, viz. Kwang Chow, Amoy, Fuchow, Ning Po, and Shanghai, five thousand dollars; $¢¤Y¤¤¤· For the relief and protection of American seamen, and seamen belonging to American vessels in foreign countries, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars; comin at Lon- For clerk hire, office rent, and other expenses of the office of the d°“‘ Consul of the United States at London, two thousand eight hundred dollars; Bcirout. That the Consul at Beirout, Syria, is hereby allowed a salary of `two thousand dollars per annum; and, the said Consulate shall comprehend both Syria and Palestine, and two thousand dollars is hereby appropriated for the salary of said consul. Zurich. For office rent of the Consul at Zurich, in Switzerland, one hundred dollars ; R. O. Schenck. That the Secretary of the Treasury audit and settle the accounts of Post, p. css. Robert C. Schenck, late Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipoten- J. S. Pendleton. tiary of the United States to Brazil, and of John S. Pendleton, late Charge d’Aifaires of the United States to the Argentine Confederation, for additional compensation and for expenses incurred by them in the performance of special services, not pertaining to their respective missions, and at points distant from those to which they were originally accredited, in compliance with instructions from the Department of State; in settling which accounts the certihcate of the parties shall be regarded as sufficient evidence as to the amount of expenses incurred, where no regular voucher can be produced, and a compensation at the rate of twenty-tive dollars per diem shall be allowed to each of them for the time they were so employed, to be paid out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated; m,,,,,,,;,, go,. For expenses which may be incurred in acknowledging the services of services in case the masters and crews of foreign vessels in rescuing citizens and vessels °f “'”°°k“‘ of the United States from shipwreck, five thousand dollars: Provided, That the same shall be expended under the direction of the President of the United States; Books, &c. For the purchase of blank books, stationery, arms of the United States, presses, and ilags, and for the payment of postages, for the Consuls of the United States, ten thousand dollars ;,