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THIRTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 18. 1854. 601 whole evidence shall have been heard, it shall appear that the consideration, either wholly or in part, of the contract was such paper currency or circulating medium prohibited by this act, judgment shall be rendered for the defendant or defendants, und for costs against the plaintiff or plaintiffs. Sr:0. 6. And be it further enacted, That if any merchant, hotelkeeper, shopkeeper, grocer, commission merchant, or insurance agent, any owner Y¤><=¢S¤ *9 M- or driver of a. hackney carriage, omnibus, cart, wagon, or dray, any buck- ster, butcher, auctioneer, livery-stable keeper, any owner or keeper of a in ease entheir billieml-tablc or ten-pin alley, any pawnbroker, any manager or agent of “°1”m‘·‘3u“"‘°’· theatrical or other amusements, any hawker or pedlur, transacting business under :1 license granted by the corporation of the city of Washington or of Georgetown, in the District of Columbia, or any other person or persons tmnsaeting business under such license, shall either receive or pay out any paper under the denomination of five dollars, or any other paper not payable in specie on demand, so prohibited as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of the attorney of the United States for the District of Columbia to usvuiggrogggggg sue out process in the nature of an scira facials, or to institute other suit- ogiéolumbm, able proceedings in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, against such offender or offenders, returnable to the said court immediately, if said court be then sitting, or to the next term of said court, if there be then a vacation of the terms of said court, requiring such offenders to show cause why his, her, or their license aforesaid, shall not be forfeited; and on proof exhibited to said court of such receiving or paying out of such prohibited paper as aforesaid, said court shall forfeit, mmul, and vacate such license, and no other license for any purpose shell be granted to such offender or offenders until one year thereafter shall have passed and expired. Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Mm-sha1 md marshal of the District of Columbia, and of every constable of said dis- §%l"*·°b;2“*° Sl" trict, to give information to some justice of the pence in said district, of mm om every violation of this law which may come to his knowledge. Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, That on the trial of any cause other Defendant may than a. criminal prosecution, under the provisions of this uct, it shall be bQt:**u°51 **-5 ¤ lawful for the court before whom such cause is pending, to cause to be Zgtioglu pw"' brought before said court, and examined as a witness, any defendant to any such suit, his agent or employer, touching the matters and things in controversy, and to employ such process to effect the object aforesaid, as is usual in other cases. Sec. 9. And be itfuwther enacted, That this act shell be in force from _ Acc to come and after the first day of November next; and that so much and such ;’g%%f°*°° N°V· 1» parts of all former acts as may be repugnant to this act be and the same ` are hereby repealed. Approved, December 27, 1854. CHAD. XVIII.—An Act vesting the Title of the United States to certain Land in the DOG· 29, 1854- Gity cy" Cincinnati. ""‘"""""* Be it enacted by the Senate and House of .Representives of the United U'f€tg= S3? tghét States of America in Congress assembled, That the title and interest of ufgjd had QS; the United States to the unsold land (if any there be) in fractional section tion 11, toyvnship number eleven, in fractional township number four, in fractional range g"`§“§;rb;{;J°:: number one, of John Cleve Symme’s purchase of lands, within the now cj,,; veswg in State of Ohio, be, and the same hereby is, vested in the corporate author- Gtipcinnati, upsd ities of the city of Cincinnati, and their successors in office, and in any ° °' °°°“P““ ‘ other occupants of the same, in severalty, upon payment to the Commusioner of the General Land-Oliice of the minimum price of Land subject to entry: Provided, That nothing in this act shall be so construed as to v01.. x. Pun. —- 76