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THIRTY-THIRD CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 206, 207. 1855. 701 See. 9. And be it further enacted, That the sum of twelve thousand APP*'°P*`l****°¤ Aqllars is hereby appropriated, to enable the Secretary of War te execute the contract entered into by Joel R. Poinsett, late Secretary of War, on B_. Faribault and the twelfth day of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, with Jean he ""f€· B, Faribault, and Pelagie, his wife, pursuant to a joint resolution of V I 865 Congress, approved the thirteenth February, eighteen hundred and °` v` p' ' thirty-nine : Provided, That the Secretary of War shall be satisfied with the validity of their title to the lands mentioned in said contract, and that the conveyance to the United States be made sufhcient to pass the said title. See. 10. And be it further enacted, That Indian agents be, and they 1,,,1,,,,, ,,3,,,;, are hereby authorized, to take acknowledgments of deeds, and other authorizcd wed instruments of writing, and to administer oaths in investigations committed ggfhs te them in the Indian country, pursuant to such rules and regulations km>w1eagmoms as may be prescribed for that purpose, by the Secretary of the Interior, °f d°°d’ and that acknowledgments so taken shall have the same efiect as if taken before a justice of the peace. Approved, March 3, 1855. Cin?. CCVI.—An Act allowing the further time of two Years to those holding Lands MMC}, 3, 1g5g_ by Entries in the Virginia Military District in O/ua, which were made prior to lhefirst ..——-. [of] Jcmuazjj, czghteen hundred ¢mdji_/ty-two, to have the same surveyed and patente . Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Extension or States of America in Congress assembled, That the officers and soldiers time f<>¤‘ ¤!¤kl¤S of the Virginia line on continental establishment, their heirs or assigns, :,’:3v;°;:r§;lig,_ entitled to bounty lands, which have, prior to the first day of January, ginia military Anno Doznini eighteen hundred and fifty-two, been entered within the b°““tY1“"d·"· tract reserved by Virginia, between the Little Miami and Sciota. Rivers, for satisfying the legal bounties to her officers and soldiers upon continental establishment, shall be allowed the further time of two years from and after the passage of this act to make and return their surveys and warrants, or certified copies of warrants, to the General Land-Office. Sec. 2. And be étfurther enacted, That the act entitled "An act allow- Act of 18;,,, ing the further time of two years to those holding lands by entries in the ch- 6, r¢p<=¤l¤¢l- Virginia. military district in Ohio, which were made prior to first January, A”“* P" °°8' eighteen hundred and fifty-two, to have the same surveyed and patented," approved December nineteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, be, and the same is hereby, repealed. Approved, March 3, 1855. CHAP. CCVH. -—An Act fn Addition to certain Acts gram'z`ng B0untyLand to certain March 3, 1855. Ojifcers and Soldiers who have been engaged in the Military Service of thee United States. ·-—--———--—- Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United {gg; ZE EQ, States 0_fAmerica. in Congress assembled, That each of the surviving com- 1850, ch. 35. missioned and nomcommissioned officers, musicians, and privates, whether lgggv g?' of regulars, volunteers, rangers, or militia, who were regularly mustered 1854: eh, 10, into the service of the United States, and every officer, commissioned and 248. 267. § 3- non-commissioned, seaman, ordinary seaman, tlotilla-man, marine, clerk, Additional and landsman in the navy, in any of the wars in which this country has egg; tgfsgalllgfg been engaged since seventeen hundred and ninety, and each of the sur- ,,,,,10,,, 3,,, ’ vivors of the militia, or volunteers, or State troops of any State or Territory, called into military service, and regularly mustered therein, and whose services have been paid by the United States, shall be entitled to receive a certificate or warrant from the Department of the Interior for one hundred and sixty acres of land; and where any of those who have so been mustered into service and paid shall have received a certificate or warrant, he shall be entitled to a certificate or warrant for such quantity of land as will make, in the whole, with what he may have heretofore