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’ THIRTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 103. 1852. 55 - purchase of oxen, ploughs, and other implements, stipulated in the fifth

article of the treaty of the fifteenth of September, eighteen hundred and Vol. p.871.

( thirty-two, two thousand five hundred dollars. __ For twenty-tirst of twenty-seven instalments for pay of two physi- . cians, stipulated in the fifth article of the treaty of the fifteenth of Sep- v01_ Vg_ P_ gn ·‘ tember, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, four hundred dollars. For interest on one million one hundred thousand dollars, at five per centum, stipulated in the fourth article of the treaty of the first of No- V01.v;1.p. 545. “ vember, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, Efty-five thousand dollars. For interest on eighty-five thousand dollars, at live per eentum, stipulated in the fourth article of the treaty of the thirteenth of October, VOL gx_ p_ gm eighteen hundred and forty-six, four thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. For payment to the heirs of Cyrus Choice, the balance due for ser- Gyms Choice. vices rendered by him as acting Indian Agent in New Mexico, from the ninth of December, eighteen hundred and forty-nine,to the fourteenth of September, eighteen hundred and fifty, at the rate of Iifteen hundred and fifty dollars per annum, after deducting the sum of fifty dollars heretofore paid to Cyrus Choice, one thousand one hundred and thirty-seven dollars and seventy-six cents. For payment to Presha. Bedwell, (formerly Presha Foreman,) being ptcsm Bed the amount of an award by the_ Cherokee Commissioners in her favor, well. which was erroneously paid by a former Cherokee agent to some one who personated the proper claimant, the sum of four hundred and sixty- four dollars. For payment to Horsefly, being the amount of an award by the first Horsedy. board of Cherokee Commissioners, less the amount of six dollars allowed as fee to the attorney, for an improvement belonging to Tianey, (the deceased wife of Horsefly,) improperly valued and paid for to Tawney, of the same town in the country east, the sum of fifty-four dollars. For payment to Se-ka-wee, a Cherokee, only heir of Woo-tee-ti-eh, S(,_k,,,w,,,_ deceased, for an improvement in Turkeytown Valley, Alabama, which was improperly valued and paid for to Rachel Bright, a white woman, the said Woo-te-ti-eh, deceased, being the rightful owner, the sum of one hundred and sixty-six dollars and fifty cents. For compensation to three special agents and four interpreters for the _ Agents and Indian tribes of Texas, and for the purchase of presents, fifteen thou- *1£*:;f_l;’°*°” m sand dollars. For presents to the Camanches, Kiaways, and other Indians on the pm,,,,t_.,_ Arkansas River, and to enable the President to treat with said Indians, twenty thousand dollars. For defraying expenses incident to the visit of the Pueblo Indians pu,,b;O,,_ and their attendants from New Mexico to Washirngton, and to defray their expenses to their homes, the sum of seven thousand five hundred dollars. For general objects incident to Indian service in New Mexico, twenty _ Indian service thousand dollars. m N"' M°X’°°‘ For expenses of running and marking the eastern boundary line of Creek comm, the Creek country west of Arkansas, seven thousand nine hundred l>¤¤¤d¤ry- and ninety dollars. For payment to James M. Marsh, to cover the loss of his property Jaime, M_Mmh_ destroyed by a band of Sioux Indians, in the month of July, eighteen hundred and forty-nine, while extending " the second connection line " of the public surveys in the State of Iowa, to the Missouri River, under contract with C. H. Booth, surveyor-general of the United States, one thousand two hundred dollars. For expenses of the California superintendency, to wit: salary of cm,-Omg, Sm superintendent, four thousand dollars; salary of clerk to superintendent, pmntsndenoy. two thousand five hundred dollars; office rent, stationery, fuel, and lights,