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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

100 STAT. 650

PUBLIC LAW 99-339—JUNE 19, 1986

(ii) of subparagraph (B) may be renewed for one or more additional 2-year periods if the system establishes that it is taking all practicable steps to meet the requirements of subparagraph (B).". SEC. 106. MONITORING FOR UNREGULATED CONTAMINANTS.

42 USC 300J-4.


State and local governments.

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(a) SIZE OF SYSTEM.—Section 1445(a) of the Safe Drinking Water Act is amended by adding at the end thereof the following: "In requiring a public water system to monitor under this subsection, the Administrator may take into consideration the system size and the contaminants likely to be found in the system's drinking water.". (b) MONITORING REQUIREMENTS.—Section 1445(a) of the Safe Drinking Water Act is amended by adding "(1)" after "(a)" and by adding the following at the end thereof: "(2) Not later than 18 months after enactment of the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986, the Administrator shall promulgate regulations requiring every public water system to conduct a monitoring program for unregulated contaminants. The regulations shall require monitoring of drinking water supplied by the system and shall vary the frequency and schedule of monitoring requirements for systems based on the number of persons served by the system, the source of supply, and the contaminants likely to be found. Each system shall be required to monitor at least once every 5 years after the effective date of the Administrator's regulations unless the Administrator requires more frequent monitoring. "(3) Regulations under paragraph (2) shall list unregulated contaminants for which systems may be required to monitor, and shall include criteria by which the primary enforcement authority in each State could show cause for addition or deletion of contaminants from the designated list. The primary State enforcement authority may delete contaminants for an individual system, in accordance with these criteria, after obtaining approval of assessment of the contaminants potentially to be found in the system. The Administrator shall approve or disapprove such an assessment submitted by a State within 60 days. A State may add contaminants, in accordance with these criteria, without making an assessment, but in no event shall such additions increase Federal expenditures authorized by this section. "(4) Public water systems conducting monitoring of unregulated contaminants pursuant to this section shall provide the results of such monitoring to the primary enforcement authority. "(5) Notification of the availability of the results of the monitoring programs required under paragraph (2), and notification of the availability of the results of the monitoring program referred to in paragraph (6), shall be given to the persons served by the system and the Administrator. "(6) The Administrator may waive the monitoring requirement under paragraph (2) for a system which has conducted a monitoring program after January 1, 1983, if the Administrator determines the program to have been consistent with the regulations promulgated under this section. "(7) Any system supplying less than 150 service connections shall be treated as complying with this subsection if such system provides water samples or the opportunity for sampling according to rules established by the Administrator.'. (c) CIVIL PENALTY.—Section 1445(c) of the Safe Drinking Water Act is amended by striking "may be fined not more than $5,000" and