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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

PUBLIC LAW 99-339—JUNE 19, 1986

100 STAT. 659

drinking water standards, pursuant to this Act and State law. "(C) Limits on Federal, State, and local government, financially assisted activities and projects which may contribute to degradation of such ground water or any loss of natural surface and subsurface infiltration of purification capability of the special protection watershed. "(D) A comprehensive statement of land use management including emergency contingency planning as it pertains to the maintenance of the quality of underground sources of drinking water or to the improvement of such sources if necessary to meet drinking water standards pursuant to this Act and State law. "(E) Actions in the special protection area which would avoid adverse impacts on water quality, recharge capabilities, or both. "(F) Consideration of specific techniques, which may include clustering, transfer of development rights, and other innovative measures sufficient to achieve the objectives of this section. "(G) Consideration of the establishment of a State institution to facilitate and assist funding a development transfer credit system. "(H) A program for State and local implementation of the plan described in this subsection in a manner that will insure the continued, uniform, consistent protection of the critical protection area in accord with the purposes of this section. "(I) Pollution abatement measures, if appropriate. "(g) PLANS UNDER SECTION 208 OF THE CLEAN WATER ACT.—A plan approved before the enactment of the Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986 under section 208 of the Clean Water Act to protect a sole source aquifer designated under section 1424(e) of this Act shall be considered a comprehensive management plan for the purposes of this section. "(h) CONSULTATION AND HEARINGS.—During the development of a comprehensive management plan under this section, the planning entity shall consult with, and consider the comments of, appropriate officials of any municipality and State or Federal agency which has jurisdiction over lands and waters within the special protection area, other concerned organizations and technical and citizen advisory committees. The planning entity shall conduct public hearings at places within the special protection area for the purpose of providing the opportunity to comment on any aspect of the plan. "(i) APPROVAL OR DISAPPROVAL.—Within 120 days after receipt of an application under this section, the Administrator shall approve or disapprove the application. The approval or disapproval shall be based on a determination that the critical protection area satisfies the criteria established under subsection (d) and that a demonstration program for the area would provide protection for ground water quality consistent with the objectives stated in subsection (f). The Administrator shall provide to the Governor a written explanation of the reasons for the disapproval of any such application. Any petitioner may modify and resubmit any application which is not approved. Upon approval of an application, the Administrator may enter into a cooperative agreement with the applicant to establish a demonstration program under this section.

State and local governments,



State and local governments. State and local governments.

33 USC 1288.

42 USC 300h-3. State and local governments.