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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

100 STAT. 1786


Small business. Business and industry. International agreements.

PUBLIC LAW 99-502—OCT. 20, 1986

"(3) waive, subject to reservation by the Government of a nonexclusive, irrevocable, paid-up license to practice the invention or have the invention practiced throughout the world by or on behalf of the Government, in advance, in whole or in part, any right of ownership which the Federal Government may have to any subject invention made under the agreement by a collaborating party or employee of a collaborating party; and "(4) to the extent consistent with any applicable agency requirements and standards of conduct, permit employees or former employees of the laboratory to participate in efforts to commercialize inventions they made while in the service of the United States. "(c) CONTRACT CONSIDERATIONS.—(1) A Federal agency may issue regulations on suitable procedures for implementing the provisions of this section; however, implementation of this section shall not be delayed until issuance of such regulations. "(2) The agency in permitting a Federal laboratory to enter into agreements under this section shall be guided by the purposes of this Act. "(3){A) Any agency using the authority given it under subsection (a) shall review employee standards of conduct for resolving potential conflicts of interest to make sure they adequately establish guidelines for situations likely to arise through the use of this authority, including but not limited to cases where present or former employees or their partners negotiate licenses or assignments of titles to inventions or negotiate cooperative research and development agreements with Federal agencies (including the agency with which the employee involved is or was formerly employed). "(B) If, in implementing subparagraph (A), an agency is unable to resolve potential conflicts of interest within its current statutory framework, it shall propose necessary statutory changes to be forwarded to its authorizing committees in Congress. "(4) The laboratory director in deciding what cooperative research and development agreements to enter into shall— "(A) give special consideration to small business firms, and consortia involving small business firms; and "(B) give preference to business units located in the United States which agree that products embodying inventions made under the cooperative research and development agreement or produced through the use of such inventions will be manufactured substantially in the United States and, in the case of any industrial organization or other person subject to the control of a foreign company or government, as appropriate, take into consideration whether or not such foreign government permits United States agencies, organizations, or other persons to enter into cooperative research and development agreements and licensing agreements. "(5)(A) If the head of the agency or his designee desires an opportunity to disapprove or require the modification of any such agreement, the agreement shall provide a 30-day period within which such action must be taken beginning on the date the agreement is presented to him or her by the head of the laboratory concerned. "(B) In any case in which the head of an agency or his designee disapproves or requires the modification of an agreement presented under this section, the head of the agency or such designee shall