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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

100 STAT. 1708

PUBLIC LAW 99-499—OCT. 17, 1986




42 USC 9660 note.

Schools and colleges. Education.

42 USC 9660.

with the degree to which amendments in the language of such contracts and the description of the risks assumed, could affect such trends. "(F) The frequency and severity of a representative sample of claims closed during the calendar year immediately preceding the enactment of this subsection. "(G) Impediments to the acquisition of insurance or other means of obtaining liability coverage other than those referred to in the preceding subparagraphs. "(H) The effects of the standards of liability and financial responsibility requirements imposed pursuant to this Act

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on the cost of, and incentives for, developing and demonstrating alternative and innovative treatment technologies, as well as waste generation minimization. "(4) SUBMISSION.—The Comptroller General shall submit a report on the results of the study to Congress with appropriate recommendations within 12 months after the enactment of this subsection.". SEC. 209. RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, AND DEMONSTRATION. (a) PURPOSE.—The purposes of this section are as follows: (1) To establish a comprehensive and coordinated Federal program of research, development, demonstration, and training 5'* for the purpose of promoting the development of alternative and innovative treatment technologies that can be used in response actions under the CERCLA program, to provide incentives for the development and use of such technologies, and to improve the scientific capability to assess, detect and evaluate the effects on and risks to human health from hazardous substances. ,~^ (2) To establish a basic university research and education program within the Department of Health and Human Services Q^^ g^ research, demonstration, and training program within the Environmental Protection Agency. ^ (3) To reserve certain funds from the Hazardous Substance V,, Trust Fund to support a basic research program within the 51 Department of Health and Human Services, and an applied and developmental research program within the Environmental y.. Protection Agency. (4) To enhance the Environmental Protection Agency's internal research capabilities related to CERCLA activities, including site assessment and technology evaluation. (5) To provide incentives for the development of alternative i j and innovative treatment technologies in a manner that supplements or coordinates with, but does not compete with or duplicate, private sector development of such technologies. (b) AMENDMENT OF CERCLA.—Title III of CERCLA is amended by adding the following new section at the end thereof: "SEC. 311. RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT, AND DEMONSTRATION. "(a) HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE RESEARCH AND TRAINING.— "(1) AUTHORITIES OF SECRETARY.—The Secretary of Health and

i.. Human Services (hereinafter in this subsection referred to as ^•^ the Secretary), in consultation with the Administrator, shall ' establish and support a basic research and training program 3* (through grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts) consistt ^ ing of the following: