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PUBLIC LAW 99-000—MMMM. DD, 1986

PUBLIC LAW 99-662—NOV. 17, 1986

100 STAT. 4151

(B) Flood control projects carried out under this paragraph shall include projects for the construction, operation, and maintenance of flood damage reduction measures, including but not limited to bank protection and stabilization works, embankments, clearing, snagging, dredging, and all other appropriate flood control measures, and shall also include recreational facilities deemed appropriate by the Secretary. Such projects shall be carried out substantially in accordance with the plan of action of the Chief of Engineers, dated February 6, 1984, and ^: i; with the Platte River and Tributaries, Nebraska, study of 1978 and the Platte River Basin, Nebraska, Level B Study of 1976. (C) For each project under this paragraph, the Secretary shall Wildlife. evaluate the environmental impacts of such project with respect to both riverine and adjacent land-use values, with the view of enhancing wildlife and wildlife habitat as a major purpose coequal with all other purposes and objectives, and with the view of minimizing environmental losses. (D) Projects authorized by this paragraph shall be undertaken to reflect a variety of geographical and environmental conditions, including naturally occurring erosion problems and erosion caused or incurred by man-made structures or activities. At a minimum, projects shall be conducted at sites on— (i) that reach of the Platte River between Hershey, Nebraska, and the boundary between Lincoln and Dawson Counties, Nebraska; and (ii) that reach of the Platte River from the boundary between Colfax and Dodge Counties, Nebraska, to its confluence with the Missouri River and that portion of the Elkhorn River from the boundary between Antelope and Madison Counties, Nebraska, to its confluence with the Platte River. (E) The Secretary shall condition the construction, operation, and maintenance of any project under this paragraph upon the availability to the United States of such land and interests in land as he deems necessary to carry out such project and to protect and enhance the river in accordance with the purposes of this paragraph. Lands and interests in land for any project under this paragraph shall not be acquired without the consent of the owner, except that not to exceed five percent of the lands acquired for such a project may be acquired in less than fee title without the consent of the owner if determined necessary by the Secretary because of flooding or streambank erosion problems causing or threatening to cause serious damage in the Platte River Basin. (F) The Secretary shall establish a Platte River Advisory Group consisting of representatives of the State of Nebraska and political subdivisions thereof, affected Federal agencies, and such private organizations as the Secretary deems desirable. Projects under this paragraph shall be carried out in coordination and consultation with such Advisory Group. (7) ELM CREEK, DECATUR, NEBRASKA.—Elm Creek in the vicinity of Decatur, Nebraska, such emergency bank stabilization measures as are necessary to protect bridges. (8) PASSAIC RIVER, NEW JERSEY.—(A) East bank of the Passaic River, New Jersey, from Dundee Dam to Kearney Point, bank stabilization and development, operation, and maintenance of a recreation and greenbelt area on public properties on, and along