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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

PUBLIC LAW 100-204—DEC. 22, 1987

101 STAT. 1413

(1) the Government of Cuba should respect internationaly recognized human rights, including freedom of movement, emigration, opinion, and expression; and (2) the United States delegation to the United Nations should continue its commendable efforts to bring this issue before the attention of the United Nations and to place Cuban human rights abuses on the agenda of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. (c) DISTRIBUTION OF TEXT TO U.N.

MEMBERS.—The Secretary of

State shall cause the text of this section to be circulated by the United States among the members of the United Nations in order to highlight Cuba's behavior in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. SEC. 1212. PARTIAL LIFTING NICARAGUA.





It is the sense of Congress that the President should exempt from the trade embargo against Nicaragua those items which would benefit Nicaragua's independent print and broadcast media, private sector and trade union groups, nongovernmental service organizations, and the democratic civic opposition. SEC. 1213. TERRORIST BOMBING IN HONDURAS.

(a) FINDINGS.—The Congress finds that— (1) a terrorist bomb exploded on August 8, 1987, in the China Palace restaurant in Comayagua, Honduras; (2) the bomb was directed at American soldiers and did in fact wound American soldiers and an American contractor; (3) the United States military personnel were in Honduras Eissigned to Joint Task Force Bravo; (4) Honduran authorities have named Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa as a suspect in this act of terrorism and have a warrant for his arrest; (5)" the Government of Mexico, contrary to accepted norms of international law on harboring terrorists, has granted asylum to Mr. Guerrero; and (6) the United States Government has protested to the Government of Mexico. OJ) STATEMENT OF POLICY.—It is the sense of the Congress that— (1) the United States Congress deplores the harboring of international terrorists, and (2) the United States Government should call upon the Government of Mexico to turn Mr. Guerrero over to the Government of Honduras. SEC. 1214. HUMAN RIGHTS IN PARAGUAY.

(a) FINDINGS.—The Congress finds that— (1) the Government of Paraguay systematically has violated the internationaly recognized human rights of its citizens; (2) various provisions of Paraguayan law provide for the detention of individuals without trial for an indefinite period of time; (3) the police authorities in Paraguay arbitrarily arrest and detain individuals; and (4) the police authorities have tortured and abused prisoners, resulting in the death of a number of detainees.

Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa. Mexico.