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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1987

101 STAT. 1338

PUBLIC LAW 100-204—DEC. 22, 1987 cational, nutritional, and medical assistance for, the Indochinese refugees in Thailand, of which $1,000,000 for the fiscal year 1988 and $1,000,000 for the fiscal year 1989 shall be used only for such educational purposes.


There are authorized to be appropriated to the Department of State for the following programs: (1) "Bilateral Science and Technology Agreements", $1,900,000 for the fiscal year 1988 and $1,938,000 for the fiscal year 1989. (2) "Soviet-East European Research and Training", $4,600,000 for the fiscal year 1988 and $5,000,000 for the fiscal year 1989. SEC. 106. REDUCTION IN EARMARKS IF APPROPRIATIONS ARE LESS THAN AUTHORIZATIONS.

If the amount appropriated for a fiscal year pursuant to any authorization of appropriations provided by this Act is less than the authorization amount and a provision of this Act provides that a specified amount of the authorization amount shall be available only for a certain purpose, then the amount so specified shall be deemed to be reduced for that fiscal year to the amount which bears the same ratio to the specified amount as the amount appropriated bears to the authorization amount. SEC. 107. TRANSFER OF FUNDS. (a) TRANSFERS FOR SALARIES AND EXPENSES.—The Secretary of

State may transfer, without regard to section 1502 of title 31, United States Code, to the "Salaries and Expenses" account of the Department of State amounts appropriated for any fiscal year prior to fiscal year 1989 under "Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad" which are allocated for capital programs. Any transfer under this subsection shall be treated as a reprogramming for purposes of section 34 of the State Department Basic Authorities Act of 1956 (22 U.S.C. 2706). O> LIMITATIONS.— t)

(1) Subsection (a) shall not apply to amounts appropriated for purposes of the diplomatic security program under section 401(a) of the Diplomatic Security Act (22 U.S.C. 4851). (2) The aggregate of— (A) the amounts transferred under this section for a fiscal year, and (B) the amounts appropriated for "Salaries and Expenses" for that fiscal year, may not exceed the amount authorized to be appropriated for "Salaries and Expenses" for that fiscal year. (3) The authority contained in subsection (a) may be exercised only to such extent or in such amounts as are provided in advance in appropriation Acts. SEC. 108. COMPLIANCE WITH PRESIDENTIAL-CONGRESSIONAL SUMMIT AGREEMENT ON DEFICIT REDUCTION.

Notwithstanding the specific authorizations of appropriations contained in this Act, budget authority may not be provided pursuant to those authorizations in an amount which would cause the aggregate amount of discretionary budget authority provided for international affairs (budget function 150) for a fiscal year to exceed the