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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-297—APR. 28, 1988

102 STAT. 271


20 USC 3264.

"(a) GENERAL AUTHORITY.—From the amount appropriated under section 6103 for any fiscal year the Secretary shall make grants to local educational agencies in accordance with the provisions of this part. "0)) COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATIONS RULE.—Each local educational agency may carry out the activities described in section 6105 in cooperation with community-based organizations. "(c) EuGiBLE STUDENTS.—Secondary school students who meet the requirements of part A of chapter 1 of title I of this Act other than the requirement of attendance in the designated school attendance area shall be eligible to participate in programs and activities assisted under this part. "SEC. 6105. AUTHORIZED ACTIVITIES.

20 USC 3265.

"(a) IN GENERAL.—Funds made available under this part may be used— "(1) to initiate or expand programs designed to meet the special educational needs of secondary school students and to help such students attain grade level proficiency in basic skills, and, as appropriate, learn more advanced skills; "(2) to develop innovative approaches— "(A) for surmounting barriers that make secondary school programs under this part difficult for certain students to attend and difficult for secondary schools to administer, such as scheduling problems; and "(B) for courses leading to successful completion of the general educational development test or of graduation requirements; "(3) to develop and implement innovative programs involving Employment community-based organizations or the private sector, or both, to and provide motivational activities, pre-employment training, or unemployment, transition-to-work activities; "(4) to provide programs for eligible students outside the school, with the goal of reaching school dropouts who will not reenter the traditional school, for the purpose of providing compensatory education, basic skills education, or courses for general educational development; "(5) to use the resources of the community to assist in providing services to the target population; "(6) to provide training for staff who will work with the target population on strategies and techniques for identifying, instructing, and assisting such students; "(7) to provide guidance and counseling activities, support services, exploration of postsecondary educational opportunities, youth emplo3niient activities, and other pupil services which are necessary to assist eligible students; or "(8) to recruit, train, and supervise secondary school students (including the provision of stipends to students in greatest need of financial assistance) to serve as tutors of other students eligible for services under this part and under part A of chapter 1 of title I of this Act, in order to assist such eligible students with homework assignments, provide instructional activities, and foster good study habits and improved achievement. "(b) LIMITATION.—Not more than 25 percent of amounts available to a local educational agency under this part may be used by such