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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-387—AUG. 11, 1988

102 STAT. 955

(b) SENSE OF Ck}NGRESS.—It is the sense of Congress that the Government should not take any action that (1) will further exacerbate the already disastrous circumstances for United States agriculture resulting from the drought by imposing, or facilitating the imposition of, embargoes or other limitations that reduce exports of agricultural commodities and products, or (2) otherwise jeopardize United States foreign agricultural markets or give our trading partners reason to believe United States farmers have become unreliable suppliers of agricultural commodities and products.


(a) FINDINGS.—Congress finds that— (1) the disastrous drought of 1988 is causing substantial agricultural crop losses and is placing enormous financial burdens on livestock, poultry, and dairy producers; (2) in spite of the effects of the drought, the United States continues to have ample supplies of grain for human and animal consumption through the upcoming crop year; (3) the Department of i^riculture projects that even if the drought continues, food prices are not expected to increase significantly due to the drought; and (4) in view of these circumstances, no person in the United States should have to pay unwarranted, unjustified, or excessive food prices and that higher food prices, irrespective of their cause, affect those least able to pay the most. (b) SENSE OF CONGRESS.—It is the sense of Congress that the Reports. Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with other Federal agencies and State and local agencies where appropriate, should monitor, study, and report to Congress about food price increases at wholesale and retail levels during the coming months, to ensure that no unwarranted food price increases are implemented and that any necessary increases are commensurate with commodity price increases resulting from the drought. SEC. 352. STUDY OF EFFECT OF DROUGHT ON FOOD PRICES.

(a) SURVEY.—The Secretary of Agriculture shall conduct a survey Hunger. of food and commodity prices as of December 31, 1988, to determine the effects of the drought and related conditions in 1988 on recipients of Federal nutrition and hunger benefits. (b) REPORT.—Not later than March 1, 1988, the Secretary shall submit a report to Congress on the results of the survey required under subsection (a), including— (1) an analysis of the adequacy of benefits under Federal nutrition and hunger p n ^ a m s with respect to any food price inflation that has occurred because of the drought or related conditions in 1988; and (2) recommendations for any actions that may be taken by the Secretary or Congress to address problems identified in such survey.

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