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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 2756

PUBLIC LAW 100-551—OCT. 28, 1988 "(1) ACTION LEVELS.—The updated citizen's guide published as provided in subsection (a) shall include a description of a series of action levels indicating the health risk associated with different levels of radon exposure. "(2) OTHER INFORMATION.—The updated citizen's guide shall

also include information with respect to each of the following: "(A) The increased health risk associated with the exposure of potentially sensitive populations to different levels of radon. "(B) The increased health risk associated with the exposure to radon of persons engaged in potentially risk-increasing behavior. '(C) The cost and technological feasibility of reducing radon concentrations within existing and new buildings. "(D) The relationship between short-term and long-term testing techniques and the relationship between (i) measurements based on both such techniques, and (ii) the actions levels set forth as provided in paragraph (1), "(E) Outdoor radon levels around the country. 15 USC 2664.


"The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency shall develop model construction standards and techniques for controlling radon levels within new buildings. To the maximum extent possible, these standards and techniques should be developed with the assistance of organizations involved in establishing national building construction standards and techniques. The Administrator shall make a draft of the document containing the model standards and techniques available for public review and comment. The model standards and techniques shall provide for geographic differences in construction t3rpes and materials, geology, weather, and other variables that may affect radon levels in new buildings. The Administrator shall make final model standards and techniques available to the public by June 1, 1990. The Administrator shall work to ensure that organizations responsible for developing national model building codes, and authorities which regulate building construction within States or political subdivisions within States, adopt the Agency's model standards and techniques. 15 USC 2665.

Public information.


eral department or agency designated by the Administrator) shall develop and implement activities designed to assist State radon programs. These activities may include, but are not limited to, the following: "(1) Establishment of a clearinghouse of radon related information, including mitigation studies, public information materials, surveys of radon levels, and other relevant information. "(2) Operation of a voluntary proficiency program for rating the effectiveness of radon measurement devices and methods, the effectiveness of radon mitigation devices and methods, and the effectiveness of private firms and individuals offering radonrelated architecture, design, engineering, measurement, and mitigation services. The proficiency program under this subparagraph shall be in operation within one year after the date of the enactment of this section.