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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-707—NOV. 23, 1988

102 STAT. 4697

"(1) direct any Federal agency, with or without reimbursement, to utilize its authorities and the resources granted to it under Federal law (including personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, and managerial, technical, and advisory services) in support of State and local assistance efforts; "(2) coordinate all disaster relief assistance (including voluntary assistance) provided by Federal agencies, private organizations, and State and local governments; "(3) provide technical and advisory assistance to affected State and local governments for— "(A) the performance of essential community services; "(B) issuance of warnings of risks and hazards; "(C) public health and safety information, including dissemination of such information; "(D) provision of health and safety measures; and "(E) management, control, and reduction of immediate threats to public hesilth and safety; and "(4) assist State and local governments in the distribution of medicine, food, and other consumable supplies, and emergency assistance. "SEC. 403. ESSENTIAL ASSISTANCE. "(a) IN GENERAL.—Federal agencies may on the direction of the President, provide assistance essential to meeting immediate threats to life and property resulting from a major disaster, as follows: "(1) f^ERAL RESOURCES, GENERALLY.—Utilizing, lending, or donating to State and local governments Federal equipment, supplies, facilities, personnel, and other resources, other than the extension of credit, for use or distribution by such governments in accordance with the purposes of this Act.

Public information.

42 USC 5170b. Real property.

Gifts and property.


or rendering through State and local governments, the American National Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Mennonite Disaster Service, and other relief and disaster assistance organizations medicine, food, and other consumable supplies, and other services and assistance to disaster victims. "(3) WORK AND SERVICES TO SAVE LIVES AND PROTECT PROP-

Public lands. Waters.

ERTY.—Performing on public or private lands or waters any work or services essential to saving lives and protecting and preserving property or public health and safety, including— "(A) debris removal; "(B) search and rescue, emergency medical care, emergency mass care, emergency shelter, and provision of food, water, medicine, and other essential needs, including movement of supphes or persons; "(C) clearance of roads and construction of temporary bridges necessary to the performance of emergency tasks and essential community services; "(D) provision of temporary facilities for schools and other essential community services; "(E) demoUtion of unsafe structures which endanger the public; "(F) warning of further risks and hazards; "(G) dissemination of public information and assistance Public information. r ^ a r d i n g health and safety measures; '(H) provision of technical advice to State and local governments on disaster management and control; and