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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

102 STAT. 4704 42 USC 5177.

PUBLIC LAW 100-707—NOV. 23, 1988 (f) UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE LIMITATIONS.—Section 410 (as so

redesignated) is amended as follows: (1) ENTITLEMENT TO OTHER COMPENSATION.—The first sentence of subsection (a) is amended by inserting "for the weeks of such unemployment with respect to which the individual is not entitled to any other unemployment compensation (as that term is defined in section 85(b) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) or waiting period credit" after "is unemployed". (2) TERM OF ASSISTANCE.—The second sentence of subsection

(a) is amended by striking out "one year" and inserting in lieu thereof "26 weeks". (3) REPEAL OF REDUCTION IN COMPENSATION.—The third sentence of subsection (a) is amended by striking out "occurred," and all that follows through the end of the sentence and inserting in lieu thereof "occurred.". (4) REEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE.—Subsection (b) is amended to

read as follows: "(b) REEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE.— "(1) STATE ASSISTANCE.—A State




reimbursement from any funds provided under this Act, reemployment assistance services under any other law administered by the State to individuals receiving benefits under this section. "(2) FEDERAL ASSISTANCE.—The President may provide re-

employment assistance services under other laws to individuals who are unemployed as a result of a major disaster and who reside in a State which does not provide such services.". 42 USC 5178 and


42 USC 5178. President of U.S.


PROGRAMS.—Title IV i s

amended by striking out section 408 (relating to individual and family grant programs) and inserting in lieu thereof the following new section: "SEC. 411. INDIVIDUAL AND FAMILY GRANT PROGRAMS. "(a) IN GENERAL.—The President is authorized to make a grant to a State for the purpose of making grants to individuals or families adversely affected by a major disaster for meeting disaster-related necessary expenses or serious needs of such individuals or families in those cases where such individuals or families are unable to meet such expenses or needs through assistance under other provisions of this Act or through other means. "(b) COST SHARING.— "(1) FEDERAL SHARE.—The

Federal share of a grant to an individual or a family under this section shall be equal to 75 percent of the actual cost incurred. "(2) STATE CONTRIBUTION.—The Federal share of a grant

President of U.S.

under this section shall be paid only on condition that the remaining 25 percent of the cost is paid to an individual or family from funds made available by a State. "(c) REGULATIONS.—The President shall promulgate regulations to carry out this section and such regulations shall include national criteria, standards, and procedures for the determination of eligibility for grants and the administration of grants under this section. "(d) ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENSES.—A State may expend not to exceed 5 percent of any grant made by the President to it under subsection (a) for expenses of administering grants to individuals and families under this section.