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PUBLIC LAW 100-000—MMMM. DD, 1988

PUBLIC LAW 100-685—NOV. 17, 1988

102 STAT. 4087

Oklahoma through the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Rural Technology Applications Team. (H) Commercial use of space, $38,800,000. (I) Aeronautical research and technology, $404,200,000. (J) Transatmospheric research and technology, $69,400,000. (K) Space research and technology, $350,900,000. (L) Safety, reliability, and quality assurance, $22,400,000. (M) Tracking and data advanced systems, $18,800,000. (2) For "Space flight, control and data communications" for the following programs: (A) Space shuttle production and operational capability, - $1,335,500,000, of which $51,000,000 is provided for the advanced solid rocket motor program. (B)(i) Space transportation operations, $2,365,400,000, including such funds as may be necessary to ensure the availability of ammonium perchlorate for the production of solid rocket motors. (ii) In addition to the funds authorized pursuant to this section, there are authorized to be appropriated for space transportation operations any additional funds transferred to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration from any other agency pursuant to a fiscal year 1989 appropriations Act. (C) Space and ground network communications and data systems, $985,300,000. (3) For "Construction of facilities", including land acquisition as follows: (A) Modifications to processing Technology Facility for Space Station, Marshall Space Flight Center, $3,700,000. (B) Construction of Addition for Space Systems Automated Integration and Assembly Facility, Johnson Space Center, $9,200,000. (C) Replacement of High Pressure Gas Storage Vessels, National Space Technology Laboratory, $3,500,000. (D) Increase Chiller Capacity, LC-39 Utility Annex, Kennedy Space Center, $2,300,000. (E) Rehabilitation of PAD A, L-C 39, Kennedy Space Center, $4,600,000. (F) Refurbish Atmospheric Reentry Materials and Structures Evaluation Facility, Johnson Space Center, $4,900,000. (G) Modification for Advanced Engine Development, Test Stand 116, Marshall Space Flight Center, $13,500,000. (H) Modifications to Orbiter Modification and Refurbishment Facility (OMRF) for Safing and Deservicing, Kennedy Space Center, $2,800,000. (I) Modification to the X-Ray Calibration Facility (XRCF), Marshall Space Flight Center, $11,400,000. (J) Construction of Auxiliary Chiller Facility, Johnson Space Center, $7,800,000. (K) Modernization of Space Environment Simulator, Goddard Space Flight Center, $2,800,000. (L) Modifications for Utility Reliability, Goddard Space Flight Center, $3,100,000. (M) Refurbishment of 25-Foot Space Simulator, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, $12,000,000.