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103 STAT. 200 PUBLIC LAW 101-73 —AUG. 9, 1989

  • •v^;:

"(i) be subject to assessment at the assessment rate i' applicable under section 7 for Savings Association Insurance Fund members; "(ii) shall not be taken into account for purposes of any assessment under section 7 for Bank Insurance Fund members; and f "(iii) shall be treated as deposits which are insured by the Savings Association Insurance Fund. < tc •'.. " (C) DETERMINATION OF ADJUSTED ATTRIBUTABLE DEPOSIT AMOUNT. —The adjusted attributable deposit amount which shall be taken into account by any bank subsidiary referred ,: ,. to in subparagraph (A) for purposes of determining the «•; J • amount of the assessment under subparagraph (B)(i) for any }f I i? semiannual period is the amount which is equal to the sum j^.. of— "(i) the amount of any deposits acquired by such i, bank subsidiary in connection with any transaction described in subparagraph (A) (as determined at the time of such transaction); •'• "(ii) the total of the amounts determined under \ clause (iii) for semiannual periods preceding the semi- annual period for which the determination is being made under this subparagraph; and • "(iii) the amount by which the sum of the amounts . " J, V described in clauses (i) and (ii) would have increased during the preceding semiannual period (other than any semiannual period beginning before the date of .,, such transaction) if such increase occurred at a rate equal to the greater of— s "(I) an annual rate of 7 percent; or "(II) the annual rate of growth of deposits of such .-..' . ^ % subsidiary bank minus the amount of any deposits •J V * g. acquired through the acquisition, in whole or in part, of a Bank Insurance Fund member during such semiannual period. '~iip' "(D) DEPOSIT OF ASSESSMENT. — The amount of the assess- ment referred to in subparagraph (B)(i) shall be deposited in the Savings Association Insurance Fund. " (E) CONDITIONS FOR FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD APPROVAL.— The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System may not approve any application by any bank holding company to engage in any transaction described in subparagraph (A) t K' unless such Board determines that— ,, "(i) the amount which is equal to the aggregate . . amount of the total assets of all depository institution . t subsidiaries of such bank holding company is not less than the amount which is equal to 200 percent of the total assets of the savings association (at the time of the proposed transaction); "(ii) the bank holding company and all bank subsidi- f - T - aries of such holding company will meet all applicable ^c capital standards upon consummation of the proposed transaction; "(iii) the transaction is not in substance the acquisi- i tion of any Bank Insurance Fund member bank by any Savings A^ociation Insurance Fund member; "(iv) in the case of any transaction which occurs—