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103 STAT. 1364 PUBLIC LAW 101-189-NOV. 29, 1989 PART D—EKvmoNhairt, SAFETY, AND MANAGEMENT Sec. 3141. Defense waste cleanup technology program. Sec. 3142. Executive management training in the Department of Energy. Sec. 3143. Major Department of Energy national security programs. Sec. 3144. Five-year budget plan requirement. PART E—MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS Sec. 3151. Prohibition and report on bonuses to contractors operating defense nuclear facilities. Sec 3152. Preference for Rocky Flats workers. Sec. 3153. Authorization and funding for Rocky Flats agreement. Sec. 3154. Moratorium on incineration of radioactive waste at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Sec. 3155. Production of the 155-millimeter artillery-fired, atomic projectile. Sec. 3156. Reports in connection with permanent closures of Department of Energy defense nuclear facilities. Sec. 3157. Defense program missions. TITLE XXXII—DEFENSE NUCLEAR FAaLTTIES SAFETY BOARD AUTHORIZATION Sec. 3201. Authorization. TITLE XXXin—NATIONAL DEFENSE STOCKPILE PART A—CHANGES IN STOCKPILE AMOUNTS Sec. 3301. Changes in stockpile requirements. Sec. 3302. Authorized disposals. Sec. 3303. Authorization of acquisitions. PART B—PROGRAMMATIC CHANGES Sec. 3311. Strategic and critical materials development, research, and conservation. Sec. 3312. Development of domestic sources. Sec. 3313. National defense stockpile manager. Sec. 3314. Authority to dispose of materials in the stockpile for international consumption. Sec. 3315. Information included in reports to Congress. TITLE XXXIV—CIVIL DEFENSE Sec. 3401. Authorization of appropriations. TITLE XXXV—PANAMA CANAL COMMISSION Sec. 3501. Short title.

- iili Sec. 3502. Authorization of expenditures. Sec. 3503. Notification requirements. , ^^^ Sec. 3504. General provisions. SEC. 3. EXPIRATION OF AUTHORIZATIONS FOR FISCAL YEARS AFTER 1990 Authorizations of appropriations, and of personnel strength levels, in this Act for any fiscal year after fiscal year 1990 are effective only with respect to appropriations made during the first session of the One Hundred First Congress. SEC. 4. CONGRESSIONAL DEFENSE COMMITTEES DEFINED For purposes of this Act, the term "congressional defense commit- tees" means the Committees on Armed Services and the Committees on Appropriations of the Senate and House of Representatives. 10 USC 114a SEC. 5. ANNUAL OUTLAY REPORT ^°^' (a) ANNUAL REPORT ON OUTLAYS AND BUDGET AUTHORITY RE- QUIRED. —(1) Not later than December 15, 1989, and not later than December 15 of each year thereafter, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and the Director of the Congressional Budget Office shall submit to the Speaker of the House of Rep- resentatives and the Committees on Armed Services, Appropria-