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103 STAT. 1390 PUBLIC LAW 101-189—NOV. 29, 1989 Communica- tions and telecommuni- cations. Reports. (2) The total value of the ceiling price of that contract for the first and second sectors of that system may not exceed $530,000,000. (3) The contract entered into pursuant to paragraph (1) shall provide for all of the prime-mission equipment, software, construc- tion, site activation activities, and required system capabilities for that system. (c) REPORT BY THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE. —No funds may be obligated for the Alaskan System referred to in subsection (b) until the Secretary of Defense submits to the congressional defense committees a report on the results of development test and evalua- tion of the East Coast System, including the results of integrated three-sector tests. (d) REPORT BY DIRECTOR OF OT&E. —The Director of Operational Test and Evaluation of the Department of Defense shall submit to the congressional defense committees a report certifying whether the test results of the integrated initial operational evaluation conducted with the three EJast Coast System sectors of the OTH-B radar system demonstrate that the East Coast System sectors meet all contract requirements and performance specifications relevant to operational test and evaluation, including any specifications for the system relating to small target detection capability. The report shall be submitted not later than September 1, 1990. SEC. 165. MILSTAR PROGRAM (a) INFORMATION TO BE SUBMITTED TO CONGRESS. — Not later than 180 da3rs after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Secretary of Defense shall submit to the congressional defense committees the following with respect to the Military Satellite and Terminal Relay (MILSTAR) system: (1) A Selected Acquisition Report on the total program. (2) A comprehensive master plan for the MILSTAR program setting forth— (A) the MILSTAR program requirements; (B) the Department of Defense acquisition strategy for the program; and (C) Department of Defense plans relating to program execution, program schedule, program management, and program architecture. (3) An analysis of the feasibility of establishing a cost sharing plan among all potential users of the MILSTAR system. (b) LIMITATION ON PROCEEDING WITH PROGRAM.—(1) Funds appro- priated or otherwise available to the Department of Defense may not be obligated for the MILSTAR program after April 1, 1990, unless the Secretary of Defense certifies to the congressional defense committees that the Department of Defense has complied with all conditions for the MILSTAR program specified in the classified annex to the joint statement of managers accompanying the con- ference report on the bill H.R. 2461 of the Hundred First Congress. (2) Until the congressional defense committees receive all of the matters referred to in subsection (a), the Secretary of Defense may not obligate more than 75 percent of the funds appropriated pursu- ant to this Act for the MILSTAR program (other than for satellite communications ship terminals, satellite communications shore terminals, and extremely high frequency satellite communications).