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PUBLIC LAW 101-189—NOV. 29, 1989 103 STAT. 1463 (e) CROSS REFERENCE Ck>RRECTiONS.— (1) Section 1094(c)(2) of title 10, United States Code, is amended by striking out "subsections (b) and (d) through (g)" and inserting in lieu thereof "subsections (c) and (e) through (h)". (2) Section 403(b)(l)(B) of Public Law 99-661 (10 U.S.C. 521 note) is amended by striking out "3033," and "8033," and inserting in lieu thereof "3021," and ^'8021,", respectively. (f) DATE OF ENACTMENT REFERENCE.— Section 1102(j)(l) of title 10, United States Code, is amended by striking out "the date of the enactment of this section" and inserting In lieu thereof "Novem- ber 14, 1986". (g) REFERENCE TO THE CANAL ZONE. —Section 708(a) of title 32, United States Code, is amended by striking out "governor of each State and Territory, Puerto Rico, and the Canal Zone" and inserting in lieu thereof "Governor of each State or Territory and Puerto Rico". PART G—MISCELLANEOUS SEC. 661. MILITARY RELOCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS 10 USC 113 note. (a) REQUIREMENT TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE. — Not later than October 1, 1990, the Secretary of Defense shall establish a program to provide relocation assistance to members of the Armed Forces and their families as provided in this section. In addition, the Secretary of Defense shall make every effort, consistent with readi- ness objectives, to stabilize and lengthen tours of duty to minimize the adverse effects of relocation. (b) TYPES OF ASSISTANCE. —(1) The Secretary of each military Regulations. department, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of De- fense, shall provide relocation assistance, through military reloca- tion assistance programs described in subsection (c), to members of ^ the Armed Forces who are ordered to make a change of permanent station which includes a move to a new location (and for dependents of such members who are authorized to move in connection with the change of permanent station). (2) The relocation assistance provided shall include the following: (A) Provision of destination area information and preparation (to be provided before the change of permanent station takes effect), with emphasis on information with regard to moving V costs, housing costs and availability, child care, spouse employ- ment opportunities, cultured adaptation, and community ori- entation. (B) Provision of counseling about financial management, home buying and selling, renting, stress management aimed at intervention and prevention of abuse, property management, and shipment and storage of household goods (including motor vehicles and pets). (C) Provision of settling-in services, with emphasis on avail- able government living quarters, private housing, child care, spouse employment assistance information, cultural adaptation, and community orientation. (D) Provision of home finding services, with emphasis on services for locating adequate, affordable temporary and perma- nent housing. (c) MILITARY RELOCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS.— (1) The Sec- retary shall provide for the establishment of military relocation