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104 STAT. 742 PUBLIC LAW 101-388—SEPT. 20, 1990 Public Law 101-388 101st Congress Joint Resolution Sept. 20, 1990 To designate October 1990 as "Polish American Heritage Month". [S.J. Res. 289] Whereas the first Polish immigrants to North America were among the first settlers of Jamestown, Virginia in the seventeenth century; Whereas Kazimierz Pulaski, Tadeusz Kosciuszko, and other Poles came to the British colonies in America to fight in the Revolutionary War and to risk their lives and fortunes for the creation of the United States; Whereas Poles and Americans of Polish descent have distinguished themselves by contributing to the development of arts, sciences, government, military service, athletics, and education in the United States; Whereas, the Polish Constitution of May 3, 1791, was modeled directly on the Constitution of the United States, is recognized as the second written constitution in history, and is revered by Poles and Americans of Polish descent; Whereas Poles and Americans of Polish descent take great pride and honor the greatest son of Poland, His Holiness Pope John Paul the Second; Whereas Poles and Americans of Polish descent and people every- where applauded the efforts of Solidarity's leader Lech Walesa and the Polish Government in holding a Round Table conference in February-April 1989, which led to a peaceful transition to a multiparty democracy; Whereas Americans of Polish descent and Americans take great pride in the election of Tadeusz Mazowiecki as Prime Minister of Poland; Whereas Americans of Polish descent and Americans support the struggle of the Polish people to move toward a free-market economy; and Whereas the Polish American Congress is observing its forty-sixth anniversary this year and is celebrating October 1990 as Polish American Heritage Month: Now, therefore, be it 39-139 O - 90 (388)