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104 STAT. 886 PUBLIC LAW 101-409—OCT. 5, 1990 Records. Reports. concerned with issues relating to small business: Provided, That no owner, officer or employee of a small business concern may be denied admission to any State conference, nor may any fee or charge be imposed on any such owner, officer or employee except an amount to cover the cost of any meal provided plus a registration fee of not to exceed $10. The Commission may not impose any fees or charges except as specified in this subsection and may not accept any gifts of money from any source. Amounts collected as fees and charges shall be used solely to pay the cost of meals provided and to defray the expense of meeting rooms. The Commission shall— (1) keep a record of all receipts and disbursements as directed by the Administrator of the Small Business Administration; (2) open and maintain an account in an institution whose accounts are insured by an instrumentality of the United States, into which account all receipts shall be deposited and from which all payments shall be disbursed; and (3) provide such periodic financial reports to the Small Business Administration as the Administrator may request. (b) Delegates, including alternates, to the National Conference shall be elected by participants at the State conferences: Provided, That each Governor and each chief executive official of the political subdivisions enumerated in section 4(a) of the Small Business Act may appoint one delegate and one alternate: Provided further, That each Member of the United States House of Representatives, including each Delegate, and each Member of the United States Senate may appoint one delegate and one alternate: and Provided further, That the President may appoint one hundred delegates and alternates. Only owners, employees or corporate officers of small businesses shall be eligible for appointment or election pursuant to this subsection, and delegates may be elected only at the conference for the State in which he or she resides. Establishment. 15 USC 631 note. COMMISSION SEC. 5. (a) There is hereby established a White House Conference on Small Business Commission. The President shall select and appoint eleven individuals. The commissioners shall be responsible for the overall preparation for and conduct of the National Conference, including the issuance of the report specified in section 7 of this Act. (b) At least seven of the individuals appointed shall be small business owners, employees or corporate officers of a small business. Other members may include representatives of businesses (other than small), associations, or educational institutions. (c) Not more than six of the Commissioners shall be of the same political party. No member shall be an officer or employee of the Federal Government, in either the executive branch or the Congress. (d) Commissioners shall be appointed for a term which shall expire on the date the report is submitted, except if the status of any such appointee changes so that he or she would have been ineligible for appointment, such individual may continue as a Commissioner for not longer than a thirty-day period beginning on the date such individual becomes ineligible. (e) A vacancy shall be filled in the manner in which the original appointment was made.