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PUBLIC LAW 101-505 —NOV. 3, 1990 104 STAT. 1311 "Hearings; Rules of Procedure "2. (a) Hearings under this Act shall be held before the Commission, and records shall be kept. "(b) Rules of practice and procedure adopted by the Commission shall govern all hearings, investigations, and proceedings under this Act, but,the Commission may apply the technical rules of evidence when appropriate. "Administrative Powers of Commission; Rules, Regulations, and Orders "(3). (a) The Commission shall perform any act, and prescribe, issue, make, amend, or rescind any order, rule, or regulation that it nnds necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act. "(b) The rules and regulations of the Commission shall prescribe the form of any statement, declaration, application, or report filed with the Commission, the information it shall contain, and the time of filing. "(c) The rules and regulations of the Commission shall be effective Effective date. 30 days after publication in the manner which the Commission shall prescribe, unless a different date is specified. "(d) Orders of the Commission shall be effective on the date and in the manner which the Commission shall prescribe. "(e) For the purposes of its rules and regulations, the Commission may classify persons and matters within its jurisdiction and prescribe different requirements for them. "(f) Commission rules and regulations shall be available for public inspection during reasonable business hours. "Reconsideration of Orders "4. (a) A party to a proceeding affected by a final order or decision of the Commission may file within 30 days of its publication a written application requesting Commission reconsideration of the matter involved, and stating specifically the errors claimed as grounds for the reconsideration. "(b) The Commission shall grant or deny the application within 30 days after it has been filed. (c) If the Commission does not grant or deny the application by order within 30 days, the application shall be deemed denied. "(d) If the application is granted, the Commission shall rescind, modify, or affirm its order or decision with or without a hearing, after giving notice to all parties. "(e) Filing an application for reconsideration may not act as a stay upon the execution of a Commission order or decision, or any part of it unless the Commission orders otherwise. "(f) An appeal may not be taken from an order or decision of the Commission until an application for reconsideration has been filed and determined. "(g) Only an error specified as a ground for reconsideration may be used as a ground for judicial review. "Judicial Review "5. (a) Any party to a proceeding under this Act may obtain a review of the Commission's order in the United States Court of