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104 STAT. 1056 PUBLIC LAW 101-452—OCT. 24, 1990 (D) estimates of instream flows needed where insufficient stream flows occur due to human activities and development of instream flow strategies to address these problems; and (E) a projection of the problems that the species identified as a result of subparagraph (A) are expected to encounter in the future. (4) EFFECTS OF LAND USE ON FISHERY RESOURCES. —An analysis of how Basin characteristics and past, current, and projected land and water use within the Basin have affected, and can be expected to affect, its fishery resources and habitats, including documentation of the nature, source, and magnitude of point and nonpoint pollution, sedimentation, and runoff characteristics. (5) REVIEW AND EVALUATION OF AVAILABLE INFORMATION AND RESTORATION STUDIES AND ACTIONS. — (A) A review of past and ongoing research on the decline of Chehalis Basin fishery resources and the results of existing or previous attempts to address the declines. (B) Based on the review under subparagraph (A), an evaluation of the adequacy of the information that is currently available, and specification of the additional types, quantity, and periodicity of information that must be obtained, for the purposes of restoring and conserving the fishery resources and habitats of the Basin. (6) FEDERAL, STATE, TRIBAL, AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT ROLES. —A discussion of Federal, State, Tribal, and local government statutory authorities and programs that pertain to the conservation and restoration of the fishery resources and habitats of the Beisin, with particular attention being given to the fishery management plans and programs of those jurisdictions and the relationship to applicable private fishery conservation and management activities. (7) RESTORATION PROGRAM RECOMMENDATIONS AND RESPON- siBiliTiES. —A comprehensive statement of fishery resource restoration goals and objectives for fish originating in the Basin and the remedial actions and programs necessary to achieve those goals and objectives. The statement shall designate the authorities responsible, together with a projected timetable, for taking such actions and carrying out such programs. In addition, the statement shall prescribe the areas and priorities for any additional studies needed to restore fishery resources in the Basin. SEC. 5. COST SHARING. (a) REQUIREMENT FOR SHARING.— The State of Washington may not participate in undertaking the study under section 3, including developing goals and recommending actions for the restoration and conservation of the fishery resources and habitats of the Basin, unless the Director is satisfied that non-Federal and nontribal participants in the study will pay in the aggregate at least one-sixth of the cost of the study. (b) IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS.— (1) IN GENERAL.—The non-Federal share required by subsection (a) may be in the form of cash or services, or other in-kind contributions, fairly valued, including the time of State employ- ees not funded from Federal sources. Regulations. (2) QUALIFICATIONS AND OTHER STANDARDS. —The Director shall by regulation establish—