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PUBLIC LAW 101-509—NOV. 5, 1990 104 STAT. 1429 Sec. 406. FBI New York Field Division. Sec. 407. Relocation payments. Sec. 408. Incentive bonus for foreign language capabilities. Sec. 409. Age for mandatory retirement. Sec. 410. Overtime rates. Sec. 411. Other premium pay. Sec. 412. Reporting requirement. TITLE I—AMENDMENTS RELATING TO BASIC PAY SEC. 101. ANNUAL ADJUSTMENTS TO STATUTORY PAY RATES; LOCALITY- BASED COMPARABILITY PAYMENTS; OTHER MATTERS. (a) GENERAIXY. — (1) Subchapter I of chapter 53 of title 5, United States Code, is amended to read as follows: "SUBCHAPTER I—PAY COMPARABILITY SYSTEM " § 5301. Policy "It is the policy of Congress that Federal pay fixing for employees under the General Schedule be based on the principles that— "(1) there be equal pay for substantially equal work within each local pay area; "(2) within each local pay area, pay distinctions be maintained in keeping with work and performance distinctions; "(3) Federal pay rates be comparable with non-Federal pay rates for the same levels of work within the same local pay area; and "(4) any existing pay disparities between Federal and non- Federal employees should be completely eliminated. "§ 5302. Definitions "For the purpose of this subchapter— "(1) the term 'statutory pay system' means a pay system under— "(A) subchapter III, relating to the General Schedule; "(B) section 403 of the Foreign Service Act of 1980, relating to the Foreign Service of the United States; or (C) chapter 73 of title 38, relating to the Veterans Health Services and Research Administration; "(2) the term 'ECI' means the Employment Cost Index (wages and salaries, private industry workers) published quarterly by the Bureau of Labor Statistics; "(3) the 'base quarter' for any year is the 3-month period ending on September 30 of such year; "(4) the term 'pay agent' means the agent designated by the President under section 5304(d)(l); "(5) the term 'locality' or 'pay locality' means any locality, as established or modi:Qed under section 5304; "(6) the term 'pay disparity', as used with respect to a locality, means the extent to which rates of pay payable under the General Schedule are generally lower than the rates paid for the same levels of work by non-Federal workers in the same locality; except as otherwise required in this subchapter, a pay disparity shall be expressed as a single percentage which, if uniformly applied to employees within the locality who are receiving rates of pay under the General Schedule, would cause the rates payable to such employees to become substantially equal (when considered in the aggregate) to the rates paid to