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104 STAT. 2450 PUBLIC LAW 101-549—NOV. 15, 1990 the Administrator disapproves or partially disapproves the recommendations, the Administrator shall specify— "(i) why any disapproved additional control measures are not necessary to bring any area in such region into attainment by the dates provided by this subpart or are otherwise not consistent with the Act; and "(ii) recommendations concerning equal or more effective actions that could be taken by the commission to conform the disapproved portion of the recommendations to the requirements of this section. "(5) FINDING. —Upon approval or partial approval of recommendations submitted by a commission, the Administrator shall issue to each State which is included in the transport region and to which a requirement of the approved plan applies, a finding under section 110(k)(5) that the implementation plan for such State is inadequate to meet the requirements of section 110(a)(2)(D). Such finding shall require each such State to revise its implementation plan to include the approved additional control measures within one year after the finding is issued. "(d) BEST AVAILABLE AIR QUALITY MONITORING AND MODELING.— For purposes of this section, not later than 6 months after the date of the enactment of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, the Administrator shall promulgate criteria for purposes of determining the contribution of sources in one area to concentrations of ozone in another area which is a nonattainment area for ozone. Such criteria shall require that the best available air quality monitoring and modeling techniques be used for purposes of making such determinations. 42 USC 751Id. "SEC. 185. ENFORCEMENT FOR SEVERE AND EXTREME OZONE NON- ATTAINMENT AREAS FOR FAILURE TO ATTAIN. "(a) GENERAL RULE.— Each implementation plan revision required under section 182(d) and (e) (relating to the attainment plan for Severe and Extreme ozone nonattainment areas) shall provide that, if the area to which such plan revision applies has failed to attain the national primary ambient air quality standard for ozone by the applicable attainment date, each major stationary source of VOCs located in the area shall, except as otherwise provided under subsection (c), pay a fee to the State as a penalty for such failure, computed in accordance with subsection (b), for each calendar year beginning after the attainment date, until the area is redesignated as an attainment area for ozone. Each such plan revision should include procedures for assessment and collection of such fees. "(b) COMPUTATION OF FEE. — "(1) FEE AMOUNT.—The fee shall equal $5,000, adjusted in accordance with paragraph (3), per ton of VOC emitted by the source during the calendar year in excess of 80 percent of the baseline amount, computed under paragraph (2). "(2) BASELINE AMOUNT.—For purposes of this section, the baseline amount shall be computed, in accordance with such guidance as the Administrator may provide, as the lower of the amount of actual VOC emissions ('actuals') or VOC emissions allowed under the permit applicable to the source (or, if no such permit has been issued for the attainment year, the amount of VOC emissions allowed under the applicable implementation plan ('allowables')) during the attainment year. Notwithstanding the preceding sentence, the Administrator may issue guid-