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104 STAT. 2516 PUBLIC LAW 101-549—NOV. 15, 1990 CLEAN FUEL VEHICLE EMISSION STANDARDS FOR LIGHT DUTY TRUCKS GREATER THAN 6,000 LBS. GVWR Test Weight Category: Up to 3,750 lbs. tw Pollutant 50,000 mile standard 120,000 mile standard HCHO NMOG CO NO, PM* (formaldehyde) 0.125 3.4 0.4** 0.015 0.180 aX) 0.08 0.022 Test Weight Category: Pollutant 50,000 mile standard 120,000 mile standard Above 3,750 but not above 5,750 lbs. tw HCHO NMOG CO NO, PM* (formaldehyde) 0.160 4.4 0.7** 0.018 0.2.^0 fi.4 10 0.10 0.027 Test Weight Category: Above 5,750 tw but not above 8,500 lbs. gvwr Pollutant 50,000 mile standard 120,000 mile standard HCHO NMOG CO NO, PM* (formaldehyde) 0.195 5.0 1.1** 0.022 0.280 7..S 15 0.12 0.032 Standards are expressed in grams per mile (gpm). 'Standards for particulates (PM) shall apply only to diesel-fueled vehicles.

  • 'Standard not applicable to diesel-fueled vehicles.

For the 50,000 mile standards and the 120,000 mile standards set forth in the table, the applicable useful life for purposes of certification shall be 50,000 miles or 120,000 miles, respectively. " (d) FLEXIBLE AND DUAL-FUEL VEHICLES. — "(1) IN GENERAL.—The Administrator shall establish standards and requirements under this section for the model year 1996 and thereafter for vehicles weighing not more than 8,500 lbs. gvwr which are capable of operating on more than one fuel. Such standards shall require that such vehicles meet the exhaust standards applicable under subsection (a), (b), and (c) for CO, NOx, and HCHO, and if appropriate, PM for single-fuel vehicles of the same vehicle category and model year. " (2) EXHAUST NMOG STANDARD FOR OPERATION ON CLEAN ALTERNATIVE FUEL.— In addition to standards for the pollutants referred to in paragraph (1), the standards established under paragraph (1) shall require that vehicle exhaust emissions of NMOG not exceed the levels (expressed in grams per mile) specified in the tables below when the vehicle is operated on the clean alternative fuel for which such vehicle is certified: