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PUBLIC LAW 101-596 —NOV. 16, 1990 104 STAT. 3007 "(7) eight persons representing affected industries, nongovernmental organizations, public and private educational institutions, and the general public, as determined appropriate by the trigovernmental Citizens Advisory Committee for the Environmental Management of Lake Champlain, but not to be current members of the Citizens Advisory Committee. "(c) TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE.—(1) The Management Conference shall, not later than one hundred and twenty days after the date of enactment of this section, appoint a Technical Advisory Committee. "(2) Such Technical Advisory Committee shall consist of officials of: appropriate departments and agencies of the Federal Government; the State governments of New York and Vermont; and governments of political subdivisions of such States; and public and private research institutions. "(d) RESEARCH PROGRAM. —(1) The Management Conference shall establish a multi-disciplinary environmental research program for Lake Champlain. Such research program shall be planned and conducted jointly with the Lake Champlain Research Consortium. " (e) POLLUTION PREVENTION, CONTROL, AND RESTORATION PLAN.— (1) Not later than three years after the date of the enactment of this section, the Management Conference shall publish a pollution prevention, control, and restoration plan (hereafter in this section referred to as the 'Plan') for Lake Champlain. "(2) The Plan developed pursuant to this section shall— "(A) identify corrective actions and compliance schedules addressing point and nonpoint sources of pollution necessary to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of water quality, a balanced, indigenous population of shellfish, fish and wildlife, recreational, and economic activities in and on the lake; "(B) incorporate environmental management concepts and programs established in State and Federal plans and programs in effect at the time of the development of such plan; "(C) clarify the duties of Federal and State agencies in pollution prevention and control activities, and to the extent allowable by law, suggest a timetable for adoption by the appropriate Federal and State agencies to accomplish such duties within a reasonable period of time; "(D) describe the methods and schedules for funding of programs, activities, and projects identified in the Plan, including the use of Federal funds and other sources of funds; and "(E) include a strategy for pollution prevention and control that includes the promotion of pollution prevention and management practices to reduce the amount of pollution generated in the Lake Champlain basin. "(3) The Administrator, in cooperation with the Management Conference, shall provide for public review and comment on the draft Plan. At a minimum, the Management Conference shall conduct one public meeting to hear comments on the draft plan in the State of New York and one such meeting in the State of Vermont. "(4) Not less than one hundred and twenty days after the publication of the Plan required pursuant to this section, the Administrator shall approve such plan if the plan meets the requirements of this section and the Governors of the States of New York and Vermont concur.