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104 STAT. 4004 PUBLIC LAW 101-624—NOV. 28, 1990 tions, rules, criteria and other provisions of section 306 shall apply to such a borrower. In the case of applications from such a borrower, the Administrator of the Rural Electrification Administration shall provide technical assistance with respect to water and waste facilities and loans and grants for such facilities. " (2) PROHIBITION ON RESTRICTING WATER AND WASTE FACILITY SERVICES TO ELECTRIC CUSTOMERS.—The Secretary shall establish rules and procedures that prohibit borrowers under title III of the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 from conditioning or limiting access to, or the use of, water and waste facility services financed under the Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act if such conditioning or limiting is based on whether individuals or entities in the area served or proposed to be served by such facility receive, or will accept, electric service from such borrower. 7 USC 2008a. "SEC. 366. STATE RURAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT REVIEW PANEL. "(a) IN GENERAL.— In order for a State to become or remain an eligible State, the State must have a State rural economic development review panel that meets all of the requirements of this section. "(b) DUTIES.— The panel must be required to advise the Secretary on the desirability of funding applications for funding from designated rural development programs, and, in developing such advice, the panel must have the following duties: " (1) REVIEW RURAL DEVELOPMENT PLANS OF LOCAL AREAS.— To review each area plan submitted by a local or regional area. "(2) EVALUATE AREA PLANS AND APPLICATIONS FOR ASSIST- ANCE.—(A) AREA PLANS. —To evaluate, pursuant to a written policy and criteria, each area plan submitted by a local or regional area and either— "(i) accept any area plan that is technically and economically adequate, feasible, and likely to succeed in meeting the stated goals of the plan, unless the plan is incompatible with any other area plan for that area that has been accepted by the panel; or "(ii) return any plan that is technically or economically inadequate, infeasible, unlikely to be successful, or incompatible with any other area plan for that area that has been accepted by the panel, with an explanation of the reasons for the return with suggested alternative proposals. In evaluating area plans under this subparagraph, the panel must give great weight to the area plans or other comments submitted by intergovernmental development councils, or similar organizations made up of local elected officials, charged with the responsibility for rural or regional development. "(B) APPLICATIONS FOR ASSISTANCE.— To evaluate each application for assistance to determine whether the project to be carried out in any area is compatible with the area plan for the area in which the project described in the application is proposed, and either— "(i) accept any application that the panel determines to be compatible with such area plan; or "(ii) return to the Rural Development Administration any application that the panel determines to be incompatible with such area plan.