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PUBLIC LAW 101-625—NOV. 28, 1990 104 STAT. 4081 Sec. 339. Limitation on GNMA guarantees of mortgage-backed securities. Sec. 340. Increase in loan limits for property improvement loan insurance. Subtitle C—Effective Date Sec. 351. Effective date. TITLE IV—HOMEOWNERSfflP AND OPPORTUNITY FOR PEOPLE EVERYWHERE PROGRAMS Sec. 401. Short title. Subtitle A—HOPE for Public and Indian Housing Homeownership Sec. 411. HOPE for public and Indifui housing homeownership. Sec. 412. Amendment to section 18 regarding demolition and disposition of public housing. Sec. 413. Related amendments to section 8. Sec. 414. Related CLAP amendment. Sec. 415. Limitation on section 20 resident management financial assistance. Sec. 416. Extension of section 21 homeownership program and provision of technical and other assistance. Sec. 417. Amendment to section 5Gi). Sec. 418. Implementation. Sec. 419. Applicability to Indian public housing. Subtitle B—HOPE for Homeownership of Multifamily Units Sec. 421. Program authority. Sec. 422. Planning grants. Sec. 423. Implementation grants. Sec. 424. Homeownership program requirements. Sec. 425. Other program requirements. Sec. 426. Definitions. Sec. 427. Exemption. Sec. 428. Limitation on selection criteria. Sec. 429. Amendment to National Housing Act. Sec. 430. Implementation. Sec. 431. Annual report. Subtitle C—HOPE for Homeownership of Single Ftunily Homes Sec. 441. Program authority. Sec. 442. Planning grants. Sec. 443. Implementation gr£mts. Sec. 444. Homeownership program requirements. Sec. 445. Other program requirements. Sec. 446. Definitions. Sec. 447. Limitation on selection criteria. Sec. 448. Implementation. TITLE V—HOUSING ASSISTANCE Subtitle A—Public and Indian Housing Sec. 501. Preference rules. 1 Sec. 502. Reform of public housing management. Sec. 503. Eviction and termination procedures. Sec. 504. Lease requirements regarding termination of tenancy in public housing. Sec. 505. Notice to post office regarding eviction for criminal activity. Sec. 506. Public housing assistance for foster care children. Sec. 507. Public housing operating subsidies. Sec. 508. Cooling degree day adjustment under performance funding system. Sec. 509. Formida allocation of modernization funding. Sec. 510. Reduction of vacancies in public housing units. Sec. 511. Income eligibility for public housing. Sec. 512. Scattered-site public housing disposition proceeds. Sec. 513. Replacement housing. Sec. 514. Public housing resident management. Sec. 515. Public housing family investment centers. Sec. 516. Eligibility of Indian mutual help housing for comprehensive improvement assistance. Sec. 517. Public housing early childhood development grants. Sec. 518. Indian public housing early childhood development demonstration program.