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104 STAT. 4542 PUBLIC LAW 101-630 —NOV. 28, 1990 Secretary in which the recipient agrees to accept employment for one year for each year the recipient received a scholarship, following completion of the recipient's forestry or forestry-related course of study, with (A) the Bureau of Indian Affairs; (B) a forestry program conducted under a contract, grant, or cooperative agreement entered into under the Indian Self- Determination Act (25 U.S.C. 450 et seq.); (C) an Indian enterprise engaged in a forestry or forestry- related business; or (D) an Indian tribe's forestry-related program. (3) The Secretary shall not deny scholarship assistance under this subsection solely on the basis of an applicant's scholastic achievement if the applicant has been admitted to and remains in good standing in an accredited postsecondary or graduate institution. (d) FORESTRY EDUCATION OUTREACH.—The Secretary shall conduct, through the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and in consultation with other appropriate local. State and Federal agencies, and in consultation and coordination with Indian tribes, a forestry education outreach program for Indian and Alaska Native youth to explain and stimulate interest in all aspects of Indian forest land management and careers in forestry. (e) ADEQUACY OF PROGRAMS.—The Secretary shall administer the programs described in this section until a sufficient number of Indians and Alaska Natives are trained to ensure that there is an adequate number of qualified, professional Indian foresters to manage the Bureau of Indian Affairs forestry programs and forestry programs maintained by or for Indian tribes. 25 USC 3114. SEC. 315. POSTGRADUATION RECRUITMENT, EDUCATION AND TRAINING PROGRAMS. (a) PosTGRADUATiON RECRUITMENT. — The Secretary shall establish and maintain a program to attract Indian and Alaska Native professional foresters and forester technicians who have already graduated from their course of postsecondary or graduate education for employment in either the Bureau of Indian Affairs forestry programs or, subject to the approval of the tribe, in tribal forestry programs. According to such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe, such program shall provide for the employment of Indian and Alaska Native professional foresters or forestry technicians in exchange for the Secretary's assumption of the employee's outstanding student loans. The period of employment shall be determined by the amount of the loan that is assumed. (b) POSTGRADUATE INTERGOVERNMENTAL INTERNSHIPS.— For the purposes of training, skill development and orientation of Indian, Alaska native, and Federal forestry personnel, and the enhancement of tribal and Bureau of Indian Affairs forestry programs, the Secretary shall establish and actively conduct a program for the cooperative internship of Federal, Indian, and Alaska Native forestry personnel. Such program shall— (1) for agencies within the Department of the Interior— (A) provide for the internship of Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska Native, and Indian forestry employees in the forestry-related programs of other agencies of the Department of the Interior, and (B) provide for the internship of forestry personnel from other Department of the Interior agencies within the